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Wheel of Life

We run in countless spinning circles. Living for money, loving for company, performing for a raise, stealing for an opportunity, and dying for approval. We are hungry to fill an ever deepening void. We seem to be what Charles Darwin warned us to be – just highly evolved animals from lowly origins. Animals who wear suites to impress and drive Bentleys so others can obsess, but then we turn and defend our share by reassuring ourselves that people are merely envious by nature, but we fail to see our own selfish intention. I am guilty of such illusions, but I fear they are imprinted on my inherited genetics.

I am a hamster in someone’s cage, and to preoccupy myself I run in circles everyday. I’m not going to lie, I believe I’m getting ahead. This may sound crazy coming from a hamster, but I am arrogant as well. I am going somewhere far with a worthy cause. I do understand that this is a small cage with no escape, but I continue to run and collect “respect” on my wheel.

Its commonsense that nothing shall go when my time is up, but what is the use to sit and sulk so I continue to run on my wheel. As I run in circles, I forget about the cage and my looming predicament. My imagination comes alive and in some distant world, I have respect and wealth. Some “spiritual” hamsters call my dreams Maya, but it’s my only escape from this cage, so I continue to run after fame. Somehow I believe when I get there everything will be okay, but then I recall spinning on a wheel in place.

Running is draining and I know it will soon end, but whats the hurry to get ahead. I begin to slow down, and then I remember my situation at hand. I am a prisoner bound by evolution to a screwed up system. Although I understand that there will never be an end, I find satisfaction in running ahead. My dreams are back.

As humans bound to this dimension of reality, we must understand that the daily duties we perform are done to preoccupy our minds and quinch our thirst for the time being. The endless running and dying for wealth, fortune, and fame is not an option for alternatives are not offered in a cage. We are but hamsters fed to entertain.


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