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I leave my body as the kirtan reaches my ears and rushes through my veins. The human in me dies every time I listen to a verse from the Guru Granth Sahib, and for that moment I dissolve into the infinite. Nothing matters, I am free and unbound by the fake facade of maya, the materialism, around me. The presence of an infinite creator overcomes my consciousness and I merge with content. My soul reaches a state of equilibrium and for that moment, there is no need to strive for anything else. All hunger dies. I listen with my ears not to mere words, but sacred truths revealed through the vibration of cosmic love. There is no language that can translate the ecstasy which overcomes my being. I am a Sikh, a learner, of the true source of creation, God.

I believe in the hukam, will, of Waheguru and pray for His grace and mercy in the lives of all. I am not perfect, but I strive to be a more understanding and compassionate soul. I try to listen and recite the Japji Sahib, Rehiras Sahib, and Kirtan Sohila daily. I understand the importance of implementing the teachings transcribed in the Guru Granth Sahib into my everyday life. I try to gain more knowledge regarding Sikhism by referencing Sikh history, movies, documentaries, and books. I listen to Katha from great Sikhs like Sant Giani Maskeen Ji for inspiration and understanding. I do not intoxicate myself with alcohol or drugs of any kind, and I am a student in medical school with an intent to help others in their time of need. However, some may say that I am not a true Sikh. I have short hair and a trimmed beard. I am not Amritari.

We went to dinner at Uptej’s dorm suite today, and we were joined by another Sikh medical school student, Bhavneet. Uptej is an Amritari Sikh woman who keeps her hair neatly wrapped in a dastaar. Bhavneet also keeps her hair covered and has been waiting to take Amrit for many years now, because she believes it is the most important part of Sikh Rehat, discipline. However, she went a little further saying that only an Amritari Sikh could claim Sikhism their path, because without Amrit a follower is not a true Sikh. However, the Gurus believed that all are created equal and that there is no such thing as a Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Jew because all life is One. Many Hindus and Muslim saints are also included in the compilation of the Guru Granth Sahib further illustrating that all humanity is one regardless of race, religion, caste, or creed. We all come from one divine light.

Sikhism is based upon the universal oneness of the universe and its creator, God, who is infinite and without form. No mortal has the tongue nor the ability to fully describe the intensity of God’s power, benevolence, and beauty within every single atom of the universe in which His grace resides.

Avil Alh nUru aupwieAw, kudriq ky sB bMdy ]

“First God created the Light; by His power he created all people equal.”

eyk nUr qy sBu jgu aupijAw, kaun Bly ko mMdy ]1]

From One Light came the entire universe. So who is good, and who is bad? ||1||

logw Brim n BUlhu BweI ]

“O people, in doubt wander not, my brothers,”

Kwilku Klk Klk mih Kwilku pUir rihE sRb TWeI ]1] rhwau ]

“Creation in Creator, and Creator in Creation, Totally filled in all places. ||1||Pause||”

mwtI eyk Anyk BWiq kir swjI swjnhwrY ]

“The clay is the same, but various ways by the Fashioner.”

nw kCu poc mwtI ky BWfy nw kCu poc kuMBwrY ]2]

“Nothing is wrong with the pot of clay – nothing is wrong with the Potter. ||2||”

sB mih scw eyko soeI iqs kw kIAw sBu kCu hoeI ]

“The One True Lord abides in all; by His making, everything is made.”

hukmu pCwnY su eyko jwnY bMdw khIAY soeI ]3]

“Whoever realizes the Hukam of His Command, knows the One Lord. He alone is said to be the Lord’s slave. ||3||”

Alhu AlKu n jweI liKAw guir guVu dInw mITw ]

“God is unseen; He cannot be seen. The Guru has blessed me with this sweet molasses.

kih kbIr myrI sMkw nwsI srb inrMjnu fITw ]4]3]

“Says Kabeer, my anxiety and fear have been taken away; I see the Immaculate Lord pervading everywhere. ||4||3||”

I understand the importance of the Sikh Rehat of Guru Gobhind Singh Ji and the vital attributes of the Khalsa brotherhood. The Khalsa kept Sikhism strong through the Mughal raj when there was a small bounty for the head of a Sikh. The sacrifice of Guru Gobhind Singh Ji’s sons who would rather die than lose their faith and convert to Islam at such young ages. Sikhism has sacrificed thousands upon thousands of lives for justice, freedom, tolerance, and understanding of God. I cannot even begin listing all the sacrifices in Sikhi. Baba Deep Singh once said, “Sir jaave ta jaave, mera Sikhi sidhak na jaave” (If my head is severed, let it be, but don’t severe my Sikh way of life). These sacrifices cannot be forgotten for the love of God was so strong in these souls.

During the volatile contextual history of Guru Gobhind Singh Ji, it was highly important to distinguish a Sikh from a Muslim or Hindu. If the religion and the message of Sikhism were to survive, a new identity of fearless warriors was to be created known as the Khalsa. However, in a new world of globalization and cubicles that identity is becoming harder to keep especially in Western countries. One must make a harsh decision now, either live and assimilate in the West or keep the roots of the Khalsa and its bana with prejudice. Does Sikhism reside so much in the look or is it more concentrated in the heart and faith of the mind? I personally know the attachment I have to Sikhism in my heart and the relationship that I hold with Waheguru in high regards. There is a very powerful and intrinsic love I have for my people, religion, and faith. If the time ever came to shed my life for  a greater cause, I can most certainly say that Sikhi would be the infinite force behind my passion for justice and truth. No matter if I do not have a pugh or a long beard, in my soul I am a Sikh of the Gurus. I know my relationship, what is yours?

Many Sikh youth question the religion they have inherited, and see it as beautiful but too restrictive. Too many black and white rules, rehats, guidelines, and strict regulations. The passion dies inbetween the thirst for God and the rules and regulations laid by panthic associations such as the SGPC. The relationship between a human soul and God is an extremely personal and inner one, because God is indeed within all creation. We are apart of His divine glory, so who can tell us that this is the way and that is not. The Gurus understood the unbiased lens of spirituality and thus expelled all notions of this way and not that. We are a people lost in a world of trial, and God is the only hand that can guide us but is everypresent if we just take the time to look. I am not going to let society, organized associations, or any giani tell me that my Sikhi does not follow the rehat when indeed my love is only growing for Waheguru everytime I utter His praise or contemplate His glory. No one can take my faith from me, so I follow the path of the Gurus who understood my desperation to surrender. Everysingle atom is Khalsa by birth, and so everyone is joined by a brotherhood blanketing all creation. A Sikh is one who is supposed to understand when he recites, “Nah Koi Bari na he Beganna,” (There is no stranger or enemy).

Guru Nanak believed, “Truth is HighHigher Still is Truthful Living”. In the Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak says that God only understands the language of love and that comes from the heart with true devotion. We must not branch, divide, and corrode the message of compassion in the Guru Granth Sahib but instead we must unite and accept with love all who walk the path of the Guru and those who do not. Sikhism has many enemies like the RSS, and many fear that a more liberal perspective of Sikhism will create dangerous Hindu influences, but we must not forget that the journey to God is a personal voyage and not a political one. In terms of spirituality and personal growth, we must stand united as a sangat to different views and accept the appeal of the Gurus who opened the door to oneness without a need for rituals, superstitions, castes, creeds, and such. They understood Waheguru’s depth so they were open-minded for they comprehended the vastness of His creation.

Every human reaps what he sows within the reason and will of Waheguru’s will. Those who do good will be taken care of in this life and that after, no matter if the person is a Sikh, Muslim, Christian, or Jew. All men are created one and all the labels that have been created just build more walls hindering the light of divine’s present within the heart and mind. We must learn to see the stars we lay under as everyone’s all the same. I make it a spiritual practice to respect every soul no matter the view or the ideals. Within all resides His creation, so who am I to judge.

Sikhism should no longer be exclusive but rather all inclusive as it was meant to be. Maryada is a must, but tolerance which preaches righteousness and truthful living is more important. Let people follow the path as they will without judgement, lest you be judged by your own actions. Lets stop dividing and instead begin uniting as humanity with justice, valor, integrity, courage, and love within our hearts.

What do you think? Who gets to be a Sikh? What if someone is not ready for Amrit? Many shaheeds during 1984 came from the West with cut hair and died in the fields of Punjab for justice, were they any less brave or Sikh? Will loosening the definition of a Sikh make Sikhism weaker as a panth? How do you see the future of Sikhism? How do we prevent secluding Sikhs without kesh by current Sikh definitions?

I believe these questions must be answered in a changing world desperately in need for the words of the Guru Granth Sahib appealing to a universal truth. Ek Oankar, God is One.


President Obama

Barack Obama is the president elect of the United States of America. He has shattered many glass walls, and has turned the page to a new transitional chapter in American history. The world will never be the same as wounds are beginning to heal with the power of hope, acceptance, and time. Color disappeared as a charismatic man captured the hearts of millions invoking hope as well as goosebumps with his powerful rhetoric. His message was neither liberal nor conservative, because it was American. The message to change the status quo of incompetence in Washington DC and place the power once again in the people.

Obama won comfortably on election night with the determined will of his supporters. Everyone who has ever followed politics had some sort of attachment with Barack Obama in this election. He had a real quality of likability and appeal. A change that was not only eloquently embedded in speeches, but also in the way in which he carried his composure and content throughout the election. Regressing to mudslinging was a rare occurrence, and that made all the difference in the eyes of the voters. Obama was not an aristocratic elite squandering the people with an air of arrogance. Instead he was real. He could be your neighbor, friend, coworker, or friend. People could relate and see a human instead of a politician.

The victory speech was moving and inspiring with an urgency to march ahead. Although I disagreed with Obama on many issues, I was proud to be an American that night. The euphoria throughout the world was apparent during the victory of Obama as change finally beckoned its light above the horizon.

Barack Obama is going to take over the reigns of the world very soon as president of the United States of America. As the world leans toward a deepening recession and the war against terrorism continues waging on, Obama becomes the last hope for change. The burden on Obama is unimaginable with the whole world watching his every move. The media shall turn against its rising star as ratings demand critique. The euphoria will soon dwindle as the ugly issues begin surfacing after an inspirational election. The DOW sank close to five hundred points the day after the election. Vladmier Putin warned that Russia may place weapons towards the European union. Pakistan’s president warned of encroachment by the US as a tactic that will not be tolerated. Karzi in Afghanistan made it clear that civilian deaths will no longer be hushed. General Petreaus speaks of the numerous challenges facing the war against terror and the transition of presidents. The list of problems America faces in these dire times are astonishing. All eyes are on Obama for he can either become the hero of American history or the biggest bag of rhetorical air.

As the graffiti slowly fell down to the stage amidst victory, so did the burden on Obama’s shoulders. He has become the last beacon of potential mending. His actions will be magnified in the worst inheritance deal in history. He has won the responsibility of taking care of a very ill America on the verge of collapse. He has the ability to pilot the nosedive out of disaster. No one knows what the next four years will entail but there is little question about the enormous toxic mess left by the Bush administration. I hope for the best and pray that in these pivotal times America finds comfort and strong leadership under the command of President Barack Obama.

Great Orator. Eloquent. Politician of the People. Well loved. Conspiracies swirl. Some despise him.

The future rests on his shoulder. He is power. Danger may be near. Brutus is vehemently awaiting.

America is doomed. Both men are lobbyist loving politicians, and to make matters worse neither of them have the faintest idea on how to deal with the economic crisis. The best bet is with Obama because McCain once again showed tonight that he is desperate and wrong on about every issue except less spending. He proposes and promises enormous help and relief without explaining how he is going to fund the whole venture without higher taxes. The American markets have been manipulated by the private Federal Reserve, and the Americans will pay the price with a nearing and inevitable depression.

Obama is an American hero who will break many barriers on his acendance towards the White House, and it is inspiring being an American right now. However, the lack of government transperancy and the increasing corruption in America are leading to gloomy times ahead. We need answers and unfortunately we will not get the answers from the paid politicians in Washington DC. They both raised billions of dollars from somewhere and it is not the American working class.

Barrack Obama is the only way, because McCain’s vice president is a frightening joke. No more war, lies, and deciet we need political change. The scarciest change may be enough to spark independent Americans to do something great for our nation and raise it out of its coming misery.

       America has changed drastically in the last few decades but it still remains divided on the issue of race, and McCain is taking full advantage of it. His rallies seem staged with angry racist supporters and get wide coverage on the mainstream media. This creates an atmosphere of tension, doubt, and conspiracy in the eyes of some wary independents. Videos on youtube are now drawing worrisome assumptions that Obama is an inexperienced Muslim terrorist who is planting dangerous cells in America. Palin’s rallies have been fuming with hateful and venomous remarks as some supporters yelled out, traitor, kill him, and die. This is the America that never fully recovered from the landmark civil rights era in the 60s. We live in a country of historical assassinations during pivotal and divided times. When McCain propagates hate as he has been doing it opens a frightening invitation of attack from the far fringes of society. 

       Political pundits as well as the Obama campaign are keeping in mind the “Bradley Effect” which may play a dynamic role in the loss of an election. The polls may not be indicating the real sentiments of the American people as some doubt and innate racism inch their way into the ballot box come November. Lets face it some people cannot accept change and progression no matter what. The Bradley effect accounted for the defeat of an African American mayor in Los Angeles after he was ahead by a large margin. The inherit discrimination and racism in his constituency lead to his loss the night of the election. Barrack Obama should only have to worry about his policies for bettering America, but unfortunately his campaign cannot be too confident due to his race.

Joe Biden did a great job for the Obama campaign by answering the questions and stating the facts in a strong but appropriate manner. He was alert, smart, and circumstantially aggressive. However, Palin refused to answer questions, points, and issues. She blatantly made it clear that she would not answer neither Biden nor the moderator on questions that she deemed unimportant (she had no answer to). Whatever she could recall from cramming, she repeated over and over again. She made it seem like a bad thing that Biden had foreign policy experience, somehow reassuring Americans that she was new to the scene. I believe that to be worrisome. The moderator, who was under pressure from the media, moderated the debate horribly. She held neither candidate to stick with the questions being asked. Palin was even more horrific, and at times the remarks she made where comical in the context of a presidential hopeful. The debate had no cohesion, and it only showed that Palin is not ready to be president.

Joe Biden hit the nail on the head tonight, but could have held Palin more responsible for her comments on the national podium. I am sure the political pundits will do that for him come tomorrow morning. Hats off to Joe Biden, and shame on Sarah Palin for accepting the nomination.


The failure to pass the biggest bailout in modern day history has left the world markets in shambles this Monday. Politics has, indeed, taken over the Capitol with blame being thrown around liberally before an election. The DOW Jones Industrial dropped 777 points today which is the biggest single day drop in two decades. Some economists are worried that the government intervention will only make the problem worse by introducing a temporary band aid that will explode as inflation rises. Others warn that failure to pass the bailout will cause the crippling of the whole worlds’ capital markets, and this was expressed by Warren Buffet. We have become a country of borrowing and no saving, importing and less exporting, while being more dependent than independent. Call this globalization if you will, but I see this as a hazardous pill to the immunity of the world’s largest capitalistic market.

At this very point in history I feel America is more vulnerable that it has ever been. We are in a war against a nation without any merit. We are funding the war through China, a nation building the world’s greatest army and economy. We are in the biggest economic meltdown in history, and the world seems to be teetering on the verge depression along with the US. A depression may be rearing its dark clouds over a once prosperous country, and the recent sharp downturn may just be the first of of many harbingers yet to come. If a world collapse does ensue, it is not irrational or insane to imagine that America may not come out on top this time around. Every action has a reaction; hence too many bad actions cause a whole lot of bad reactions. The consequences of our failed and often irresponsible egocentric way of dealing with problems may just lead this great civilization into a darker time.

This is not the end of hope by any means, but it should be a wake up call to all those who feel that America is invincible to collapse or failure. In the future, the American ego of being the best may just be an empty echo in the long unwritten chapters of history that overconfidence and neglect of a nation and its people often spirals a nation to its end. Therefore, as citizens, we must be critical of the system and continually appeal for its reform and adopt policies that may not be the most favorable at times, because of the lobbyist strong hold on Washington. The American people must remind their representatives in all branches of government that the United States’s constitution outlines a government run by the people for the people, and not by the rich for the rich. The old cliche that Main street is more important than Wall Street is understated, and loses its power and effect to inflated campaign promises. This country was made to ensure that all of its citizens were allowed to lead a life with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the forefront of freedom. My intutition tells me that the United States of America will overcome the dire obstacles ahead, but praying for recovery without any failure or downslide may be just that – a prayer.

The debate between Palin and Biden is going to be a historic debate which may just eclipse the presidential debate. Joe Biden has a long history of telling it how it is without being too politically savvy. On the other hand, Palin has shown through her interviews on national television that she does not have a clue about domestic or foreign policy. She sounded worse on CBS than a junior high student running for student body office.

I believe Joe Biden may just get ahead of himself and come off as rude and condescending. The last thing he should do is help Palin’s sympathy rating by being brutal to her on the issues. No matter what the political advisers tell Biden he will do what he pleases and that may just include rude comments, inappropriate remarks, and sly smirks. He has a ton of experience and that will surely come through as well. This may be a gift in disguise for the Republicans.

However, Palin is a joke. I am sorry but there is no other way to put it. She does not have the faintest of a clue on how to speak on the issues. On Catie’s show during an interview, Palin suggested that her close proximity with Russia and Canada qualified her foreign diplomacy experience. She totally muddled up a question regarding the 700 billion dollar bailout on Wall Street by giving an answer that was completely elementary and had nothing to do with the question. It was an embarrassment watching her on both national interviews after her smearing speech during the Republican National Convention. Palin was the biggest mistake the Republicans could make when choosing a VP. I am sure she will prepare for the debate with Biden as much as possible to ensure that she does not embarrass the McCain campaign any further. As a voter I cannot find myself voting for McCain with this woman just one 72 year old’s heartbeat away from president.

The debate will be interesting and most probably very aggressive. Biden must try with all his might to try and resist coming off to the American people as a snob, because he knows much more than Sarah Palin. I think Sarah Palin will come crammed with information that has been crammed down her throat by advisers and will surely gaffe somewhere along the line. The media will catch it and run with it. She can either redeem herself or make a fool out of her self once again and this time bury the GOP’s attempt to make it to the oval office. I am looking forward to a contentious debate which will hopefully show America that Palin is not ready to be president. It is a question of urgency and security in the interest of an unstable union, and all emotions and political bias must be put aside when assessing the debate come this thursday.

             Well I just woke up about twenty minutes ago and decided to check out some websites like CNN to see what the political pundits were saying about the debate last night. However, the unfortunate death of a celebrity took up most of the news. I thought that Barrack Obama and John McCain were both fairly aggressive and had their moments of punget low blows and mudslinging, and the anger in McCain’s grin and stature was apparent throughout the night. They both were trying to show the American people that their individual policy was the best; however, I felt that McCain came off a bit too condescending by interjecting every so often that Obama was naive on foreign policy issues. I do not think McCain should be the one calling anyone naive, because some of his previous comments have been nowhere near knowledgeable like blowing up Iran or staying in Iraq for a hundred years.

                   I am a political addict of both Punjab and the United States with continued interest in Sikh political progression in Canada also. However, we do not have a TV or any cable in our dorm suite so I had to watch the debate on the live stream from the CNN website. I swear the screen would freeze at the most pivotal points in the debate, and would never do so during the “boring” parts, and this created a bit of technological frustration on my behalf. The race is getting close and each of them is trying to destroy and distort the other’s image as much as possible to make a long lasting effect before the election. Essentially McCain is a war and Bush loving Republican, and Obama is a naive and unpatriotic person in the political arena (they think he might just be Muslim, Barrack Hussein Obama). I find that hard to digest and too unfair because there are no facts to make that point.

                The election is coming near and I am pretty excited that America is trekking down a new policy path soon because it is needed. I was a John McCain man early in this election, but as the economy continues to spiral, the war in Iraq continues to be mishandled, and the world seems to need a new leader, I dont believe he is the man. He has anger issues, does not listen to others, finds criticism hard to swallow, believes we are winning in Iraq, thinks the fundamentals of the economy are still right, and compared a laptop to a lap-dance. Sure he is for less spending and taxes, but I do not see it being a realistic proposal with a war to fund and an even bigger fund to give to the Wall Street banks. I am not even going to start on Palin.

        With the election aside for a moment, I watched a documentary on Iraq last night that I highly recommend others to watch as well. No End in Sight was a provocative invitation into the sheer mishandling of post war Iraq when it had so many opportunities to be resolved quick. After the toppling of Saddam’s regime, the people were pro America and hope was brewing in the country, but no plan was made by the Americans. Rumsfeild was deaf to the whole military world, while Bush gave him all the power to handle post war Iraq. The movie is frustrating to watch as an American while idiots like Bremer were trying to instill peace by laying off the entire Iraq army who now had no income source, and the US army was told not to instill marshal law so chaos soon ensued as militias were soon created to ensure the people’s own safety similar to gang loyalty. The plan was to topple the regime and put in a pro American government and then just leave. We are in a fizzling disaster that the media does not report. I am offended when all the media covers are topics that hike ratings and not understanding. Iraq is a problem and will forever be.

               Americas’ policies have embittered the people to hate America for all the devastation it has caused. America is occupying and utterly destroying a country by no other merit than a sheer lie of our president’s administration. We pull out we are in trouble, we stay we are in trouble. Saddam was a bastard, but he was America’s bastard.

The issues of the world become complicated and extremely intricate when issues like religion, culture, history, and countries become divided by power mongers, men with seemingly infinite power in the world. The most powerful country becomes the “right” country and all those against it become problematic and painted as unpatriotic or a threat. The powerful country is allowed to pillage, kill, destroy, and massacre another country based on the claim of bringing justice, and those who object and turn to fighting are called terrorists. Bush lead America into Iraq under false pretenses and information by linking Saddam to Alqueda, WMDs, and terrorism. None of these existed. The people were lied to, and the whole world watched America’s imperialistic aggression. We overthrew a country and created sheer lawlessness. People looted the whole country in two months, stolen industrial forklifts lifted valuable items straight out of the Iraq world history museum as the troops watched with orders not to interfere. Bombs fell on innocent people labeled terrorists in the eyes of the powerful and the always righteous America. There is no law and no order in the immediate months following the invasion. Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds do not like each other. The Iraq army has been disbanded and laid off by the US, 70 huge weapon warehouses with bombs and weapons are being looted, and the US army only protects some select places including the oil reservoirs. This is the perfect recipe for a civil war that is now ensuing, and America picks its battles between groups that are killing themselves. Soon after, America begins picking up Muslim youth in the middle of the night, imprisoning and torturing thousands, killing innocent people at checkpoints, instills a corrupt and often murderous Iraqi national police, and bombs entire cities.

           There is going to be embitterment and hatred in the eyes of Iraqis because America has essentially began a civil war and created chaos in a country now suffering from militias created by people trying to stay safe from each other and America. There are no jobs, infrastructure, or help. These people resort to violence hence the label insurgency is born. The, media worried about not straying to far from the mainstream, keeps the footage and commentary so objective that it resonates with propaganda. Almost a million civilians have died in Iraq, and that is truly a genocide or shall I say real “terrorism.” Watching this movie changed my opinion for voting for McCain towards Obama who seeks diplomacy and a change. He has proved that he can listen to others unlike dogmatic people like Rumsfeild and in general the Bush administration.

Midterms are coming up in a little over a week so I have to begin preparing myself for them. So I am going to start studying with all this frustration above me, and this frustration will go directly into my vote for Barrack Obama. The Republicans and Democrats have both let down this country but there is no doubt that Bush has not helped the state of the union but instead has devastated it. He will be held high in the halls of history as one of the worst presidents that led America to its decline, whether a short or permanent one, history will only tell.

The United States government did not want to panic the American people during the last year or so of the economic recession as the housing market collapsed creating a lasting domino effect in the economy. Lenders were handing out loans like there was no tomorrow as speculation overcame rationale in prosperous economic times. The speculators were making fast bucks across the board, and people were flipping houses like an addictive past time sport. Soon enough there were a million house flipping shows and infomercials on television, because in these golden times anyone could make a quick buck. Americans were becoming over indulgent investors with minimal capital and barely any savings. We became speculators in a bubble big enough to burst the seams of any powerful capitalistic market. The extraordinary spending in Iraq and Afghanistan continued to jet the United States in debt while China provided the blank checks to do so, but we forgot that we had to pay them back. Credit was being borrowed by using real estate equity to buy expensive gas guzzling SUV showpieces as gasoline was climbing to the highest ever in history. We got ourselves into this mess and cleaning it all up now may be impossible. President Bush called the economic situation a mere “bump in the road” late last year.

On CNN special investigation unit directly after the housing market collapse and foreclosure galore, an economic analysts said something that stayed with me. He said that a recession is when your neighbor loses his or her house, and a depression is merely when you lose your own home. I believe that we are getting frighteningly near the biggest economic disaster in recent history. If the Feds didn’t step in to save the huge financial institutions last week when the DOW plunged more than it did after Sept 11, we could have had a premature depression on our hands. The Republicans who once openly denounced economic regulation are now the ones stammering to instill socialist intervention in the economy, because the election is around the corner and the GOP cannot be deemed responsible for such drought and economic despair. The middle class will suffer tremendously as this crisis gains more momentum, because the temporary band aids that have been applied by the Feds for the past year can only hold the dam for so long.

A climbing unemployment rate, higher gas prices, and more regulation may just cripple the economy and force it to its knees in the coming years. I am a student in medical school depending on my parent’s for support. I cannot even imagine the scale of devastation that a world wide depression in this century could do in the midst of an unstable war. Iran seeks nuclear weapons while North Korea and Russia already have nuclear capabilities, and all these countries have one denominator in common; they don’t like America a whole lot. The world as we knew it may have just left the golden age of prosperity as it treads into the volatile and murky waters of global politics, depression, and potential war. In the midst of a political election we cannot trust the sincerity of the government for we learned that lesson leading up to the false war in Iraq, and disingenuous remarks about a mere “bump” in the economy.

I hope this whole mess gets patched up, but I fear the worst. The grim situation in the global economy has not gotten better with the Feds constantly intervening. Times are dire and we are in need more than ever for good leadership. My compass may just be pointing toward an open-minded yet inexperienced Obama for president, even if it means higher taxes. Nation before wallet in times like these may just prove to save even the richest and greedest amongst us, while helping those less fortunate.

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