Forever be a warrior of Righteousness.

Remember these sacrifices for humanity when you feel like giving up.

Always stand firmly for the Truth no matter the odds.

“I do not fear death of the physical, but death of the conscience is a sure death” – Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

Buddhist Monk

A Buddhist Monk consciously burns himself to death in protest of the Vietnam war.


Guru Arjan Dev Ji sat on a burning plate as he was martyred for intolerance.


Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for humanity.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King died for a dream of equality for all.


An unknown protestor plants himself in front of tyrannical Chinese tanks in Tiananmen Square.

Sikh Freedom Fighters

Modern day Sikh freedom fighters sacrificed themselves for equality in India.

Troops in Iraq

Troops in Iraq stuck in a bloody civil war sacrifice their safety and livelihood.


Stand up and make your voice heard for humanity’s sake. Let there be understanding and peace.

Countless have come and countless have left this planet in times of despair and harmony. Many have stood against the uprising of tyranny and destruction, and many have succumb to evil. However, it is your decision in life to stand with the Truth or surrender to the whims of deceitful power. Your voice counts and your actions speak louder than words. Be true to yourself and your convictions while standing firmly on the foundation of compassion, integrity, honor, humility, and respect.

Your voice. Our time. Your choice.