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Today the US markets fell nearly five hundred points; the sharpest single day drop since 2003. The auto industry of America is now on the verge of collapse. The auto industry remained complacent with the lobbyist bought politicians by their side. Why change the lineup of American vehicles when there is a constant demand from the consumer? Gas may get expensive sooner or later but the government that we lobby will be there to bail us out if the time ever comes. Now the time has come and Congress is wary of bailing out the auto industry, because it is a free market. This is capitalism and what happened to the notion that America allows free enterprise to either live or die based on adaptation. The auto industries lagged behind companies like Toyota to come up with more energy conservative models, instead they built gigantic SUVs that guzzled gas without void. There was no need for them to change because there was no pressure but only complacency. They should drown, and new industries should be born. Isn’t that how free capitalistic markets work. Jobs will be lost and a huge chunk of American interests will be badly wounded by the collapse, but bandaging the problem will only make the situation worse. The same is true of the credit crises. The whole economy is slowly beginning to deteriorate and the recession is beginning to gain momentum. The ripple made by the bailout is soon going to be overtaken by the tides of a greater looming danger of total economic failure.

Al-Qaeda’s number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, released a new video warning of the impeding war with Obama’s new America. He blamed Obama for rejecting his Muslim roots, “You were born to a Muslim father, but you chose to stand in the ranks of the enemies of the Muslims, and pray the prayer of the Jews.” He also went on to accuse Obama of being a “house slave,” referring to him as a black man under the control of his white masters. “You have reached the position of president, and a heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you. A failure in Iraq to which you have admitted and a failure in Afghanistan to which the commanders of your army have admitted. If you still want to be stubborn about America’s failure in Afghanistan, then remember the fate of Bush and Pervez Musharraf, and the fate of the Soviets and British before them. Be aware that the dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so send thousands after thousands to them.”

The despicable message by al-Zawahiri is the sign of a weakening force of Islamic fascists. Instead of recognizing a new president with a new direction for America and the world, he continues to rail against policies that may help millions of Muslims out of the throws of despair by having America vacate Iraq. His voice is echoed through the long and lonely corridors of a crippled extremist Islamic movement. People want to move on with their lives and stop the killing. Cowardice men like him hide in the caves of Pakistan their whole lives wishing death upon others. He ignites hatred instead of resolve. He wants to instill distrust amongst Muslims who may hope for change with the coming of Obama which is a shame. I believe that every Muslim in the world deserves an apology from America regarding the unwarranted killing of the innocent in the false invasion of Iraq. However, militant dead brains such as those who operate al-Qaueda should be blown to pieces, because they are nothing more than venomous war mongers feeding off grief. They insensitively manipulate and destroy both men and women who lose hope during tough times, and make them mere human bombs to prove their own political points.

The war in Iraq was wrong and the toll it took on both the Iraqi people and the country itself was unbelievable and an atrocity for all of mankind. The war in Afghanistan should have been handled more carefully, but our presence there was warranted after an attack on America. Obama has a very long domestic and foreign road ahead filled with potholes, dead-ends, and morons. A lesson should be taught to all those cowardly militants in the caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan that their hate mongering has no place in the world today. We must march ahead with peace in our hearts. It is time our actions speak louder than our words. We must leave Iraq stable, and soon Afghanistan after stabilizing the government and handing the people peace. We must win the moderate Islamic world through diplomacy, and bring an end to destructive war and death.

These times in our present history are worrisome as the tides of instability are rising. It seems as if everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong in our country. The path we have been so carelessly been venturing down has proven to be dangerous. The good news is that we have change in President Obama and a new administration. The effort will not solely stem from Washington DC but instead from every citizen of the world. We all need to make changes to better our lives and the lives of others.


President Obama

Barack Obama is the president elect of the United States of America. He has shattered many glass walls, and has turned the page to a new transitional chapter in American history. The world will never be the same as wounds are beginning to heal with the power of hope, acceptance, and time. Color disappeared as a charismatic man captured the hearts of millions invoking hope as well as goosebumps with his powerful rhetoric. His message was neither liberal nor conservative, because it was American. The message to change the status quo of incompetence in Washington DC and place the power once again in the people.

Obama won comfortably on election night with the determined will of his supporters. Everyone who has ever followed politics had some sort of attachment with Barack Obama in this election. He had a real quality of likability and appeal. A change that was not only eloquently embedded in speeches, but also in the way in which he carried his composure and content throughout the election. Regressing to mudslinging was a rare occurrence, and that made all the difference in the eyes of the voters. Obama was not an aristocratic elite squandering the people with an air of arrogance. Instead he was real. He could be your neighbor, friend, coworker, or friend. People could relate and see a human instead of a politician.

The victory speech was moving and inspiring with an urgency to march ahead. Although I disagreed with Obama on many issues, I was proud to be an American that night. The euphoria throughout the world was apparent during the victory of Obama as change finally beckoned its light above the horizon.

Barack Obama is going to take over the reigns of the world very soon as president of the United States of America. As the world leans toward a deepening recession and the war against terrorism continues waging on, Obama becomes the last hope for change. The burden on Obama is unimaginable with the whole world watching his every move. The media shall turn against its rising star as ratings demand critique. The euphoria will soon dwindle as the ugly issues begin surfacing after an inspirational election. The DOW sank close to five hundred points the day after the election. Vladmier Putin warned that Russia may place weapons towards the European union. Pakistan’s president warned of encroachment by the US as a tactic that will not be tolerated. Karzi in Afghanistan made it clear that civilian deaths will no longer be hushed. General Petreaus speaks of the numerous challenges facing the war against terror and the transition of presidents. The list of problems America faces in these dire times are astonishing. All eyes are on Obama for he can either become the hero of American history or the biggest bag of rhetorical air.

As the graffiti slowly fell down to the stage amidst victory, so did the burden on Obama’s shoulders. He has become the last beacon of potential mending. His actions will be magnified in the worst inheritance deal in history. He has won the responsibility of taking care of a very ill America on the verge of collapse. He has the ability to pilot the nosedive out of disaster. No one knows what the next four years will entail but there is little question about the enormous toxic mess left by the Bush administration. I hope for the best and pray that in these pivotal times America finds comfort and strong leadership under the command of President Barack Obama.

                I have a genetics, DNA replication, translation, and transcription quiz tomorrow, and the election is tonight. I have avidly followed every debate, election scandal, and political commentary from the beginning of this presidential election for the last two years. The irony of my interest is that the night I have been waiting for is going to be sidetracked by an important Bio quiz on a myriad of fairly difficult material.

               I will be studying tonight with my laptop tuned into the CNN website with live streaming results coming in from the battleground states. I am excited and I am sure the rest of the nation is also with the record voter turnout. 

              Both candidates have worked for countless hours and have poured their hearts into this campaign, but only one can win. Hopefully that one is Obama. Tonight I will finally witness one of the greatest days in modern day political history. Until tonight…



           I will be unable to vote for the next president of the United States of America. I did not register to vote during my hectic high school to college transition. Now I am on an island in the Caribbean awaiting the results on November 4. I am a political addict and have been glued to all the elections since the Bush and Gore fiasco about eight years ago. I was ten years old then, which is a frightening testament to how fast time really flies.

          My view over this long two year struggle for the white house has been mixed. I was a John McCain supporter early on in this election. His election button was proudly displayed on my backpack as I strolled from class to class in high school. I defended him being a moderate on many issues and a smaller government type of guy. I feared higher taxes for our family and socialized healthcare and the potential hazardous impact it would have on my future career. However, as the election progressed and the issues affecting the world in which we live became more apparent, I had no choice but to change my candidate. Being selfish was no longer an option in dire times like these. America needs change across the board, and Obama has the charisma and diplomacy to do it. 

           The election is going to be a historic achievement if Barack Obama clinches the presidency come November fourth. I look forward to his presidency, but I say this without complete confidence. I still understand the implications of two major party candidates who both receive vast amounts of lobbyist money. The other aspect that truly worries me is the potential for the loss of the checks and balances system in government. If the democrats win the majority in the legislative branch and the executive branch, the nation runs the risk of sliding down a slippery slope. On the contrary, a government that works fast may be the solution to our problems as resolutions are demanded decisively in times of trial. If the government can effectively make the right moves without being stuck in muddy partisan bickering, then there may be no better gift in disguise. 

            I was hoping to participate during this historic event, but I will be unable. Another youth vote that will never be counted due to our laziness to register and vote. In history the youth vote has always been proven to be the least dependable during pivotal elections. Nevertheless, I belong to the constituency of California, a state that has gone democratic for nearly every election in the last twenty years. Obama must win this election to revive a sense of change in the people of America. Good things can happen, but many have become skeptical and cynical, like myself, in these times of lobbyist owned politicians.

        Obama’s chances of winning the election are extremely high, but I still worry. The Bradley effect may prove fatal to the campaign, because America is still a very polarized racial country. John Kerry was presumed to win the election against Bush but lost in a few key battle ground states. Political races are never certain as anything can happen in the last lap of the final stretch. My prayers are with Obama, whom I disagree with on many issues, but still support in dangerous times. He has the composure, charisma, and talent to run a nation. I hope the package is not too good to be true. We shall see.

My first youtube video (WARNING: contains graphic material):

The struggle against oppression will continue, but as people we must unite as one to stop the madness. Every soul is a gift from God, and to kill any man is to kill yourself. Humanity needs a new direction. People need to stop dying in vain for loss and suffering become vengeance and vengeance turns into terrorism on both sides. One side cannot be more righteous than the  other when both sides are on the offensive to kill, destroy, and pillage.

Great Orator. Eloquent. Politician of the People. Well loved. Conspiracies swirl. Some despise him.

The future rests on his shoulder. He is power. Danger may be near. Brutus is vehemently awaiting.

America is doomed. Both men are lobbyist loving politicians, and to make matters worse neither of them have the faintest idea on how to deal with the economic crisis. The best bet is with Obama because McCain once again showed tonight that he is desperate and wrong on about every issue except less spending. He proposes and promises enormous help and relief without explaining how he is going to fund the whole venture without higher taxes. The American markets have been manipulated by the private Federal Reserve, and the Americans will pay the price with a nearing and inevitable depression.

Obama is an American hero who will break many barriers on his acendance towards the White House, and it is inspiring being an American right now. However, the lack of government transperancy and the increasing corruption in America are leading to gloomy times ahead. We need answers and unfortunately we will not get the answers from the paid politicians in Washington DC. They both raised billions of dollars from somewhere and it is not the American working class.

Barrack Obama is the only way, because McCain’s vice president is a frightening joke. No more war, lies, and deciet we need political change. The scarciest change may be enough to spark independent Americans to do something great for our nation and raise it out of its coming misery.

Unfortunately, this election has turned into a boxing match instead of a civil presidential campaign for the White House. These punches have primarily been coming from the McCain team as they are now the underdogs employing any tactic possible against Obama’s growing national poll numbers. I have a very hard time believing that the rally was not staged by McCain with a bunch of angry and racist supporters. What is the chance that all those politically incorrect statements with no truth behind them are said weeks prior to the election by so many individuals in the crowd? I do not believe it and many Americans feel the same, because it has backfired on Senator McCain and his campaign. Negativity has always been used in moderation in every election, but when a candidate goes too far and tries to act too clever, the American people dont like it.

Tonight, the debate is going to be on domestic issues like the economy. This is Obama’s strong point whether this has any factual basis is another question. On the contrary, McCain has been trying to dodge the economy and the crisis as much as possible during the whole election. I believe this is going to be the underdog’s last attempt to snatch the steak from his opponent. there are going to be low punches and jabs, but nothing Obama will not be able to counter. McCain tried acting too sly during the last election with prolonged amounts of attacks which turned off moderate voters.


Tonight should seal the deal for Obama unless the “Bradley Effect” deceives us all on election day God forbid. Although, neither candidate knows enough about the sinking economy to save it, at least one of the candidates understands that more war will not solve it. I belong to the constituency of California which is already painted blue for the democrats. Hopefully the other states residents will be persuaded onto Obama’s side tonight. Cynically, once again I find myself voting for the better of two evil due to their massive lobbyist connections. We need a libertarian to really change things up, but now I am being idealistic. Until tonight and the debate, goodbye for now.

       America has changed drastically in the last few decades but it still remains divided on the issue of race, and McCain is taking full advantage of it. His rallies seem staged with angry racist supporters and get wide coverage on the mainstream media. This creates an atmosphere of tension, doubt, and conspiracy in the eyes of some wary independents. Videos on youtube are now drawing worrisome assumptions that Obama is an inexperienced Muslim terrorist who is planting dangerous cells in America. Palin’s rallies have been fuming with hateful and venomous remarks as some supporters yelled out, traitor, kill him, and die. This is the America that never fully recovered from the landmark civil rights era in the 60s. We live in a country of historical assassinations during pivotal and divided times. When McCain propagates hate as he has been doing it opens a frightening invitation of attack from the far fringes of society. 

       Political pundits as well as the Obama campaign are keeping in mind the “Bradley Effect” which may play a dynamic role in the loss of an election. The polls may not be indicating the real sentiments of the American people as some doubt and innate racism inch their way into the ballot box come November. Lets face it some people cannot accept change and progression no matter what. The Bradley effect accounted for the defeat of an African American mayor in Los Angeles after he was ahead by a large margin. The inherit discrimination and racism in his constituency lead to his loss the night of the election. Barrack Obama should only have to worry about his policies for bettering America, but unfortunately his campaign cannot be too confident due to his race.

Joe Biden did a great job for the Obama campaign by answering the questions and stating the facts in a strong but appropriate manner. He was alert, smart, and circumstantially aggressive. However, Palin refused to answer questions, points, and issues. She blatantly made it clear that she would not answer neither Biden nor the moderator on questions that she deemed unimportant (she had no answer to). Whatever she could recall from cramming, she repeated over and over again. She made it seem like a bad thing that Biden had foreign policy experience, somehow reassuring Americans that she was new to the scene. I believe that to be worrisome. The moderator, who was under pressure from the media, moderated the debate horribly. She held neither candidate to stick with the questions being asked. Palin was even more horrific, and at times the remarks she made where comical in the context of a presidential hopeful. The debate had no cohesion, and it only showed that Palin is not ready to be president.

Joe Biden hit the nail on the head tonight, but could have held Palin more responsible for her comments on the national podium. I am sure the political pundits will do that for him come tomorrow morning. Hats off to Joe Biden, and shame on Sarah Palin for accepting the nomination.


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