I am… has been just as riveting a mystery to one as the unknown vastness of the universe itself. Defining man has always been a complicated and intricate affair woven by the complexity of character, moral value, ethics, virtue, hobbies, career, success, wealth, spirituality, intelligence, social capabilities, and so forth. The paradigm to measure the greatness or the depth of man is deeply rooted in subjective perspective and experience. Few in history have ever mastered the art of knowing oneself, I unfortunately am not one of them.

I am currently 20 years old. I am attending a medical university in the Carribean as a premedical student, and I will be on the island of Grenada for the next three years. My parents were immigrants from Punjab, India. I follow the Sikh faith as much as possible for the teachings are endless and infinite, yet I am human and stumble.

It only seems proper and right to make a list of topics or activities that I enjoy, but I find these to be as constant as the gusting wind. I try to be positive but at times find myself sliding down the slippery slope of cynicism and satirical spin.

I am a struggling person finding myself astray at times. Life to me can be so beautiful yet so ugly, warm yet so cold, joyous yet so depressing, and alive yet so dead. I find myself a prisoner to my own foreign mind, and am far from knowing who I truly am deep inside. My soul is hazed by a misty mind submerged in worldly illusions and carried afloat by my inflated ego. My anger burns like an inferno, my greed cripples my content, my lust yields impure, my ego wilts my humility, and my attachment keeps me bound to falsehood. I am lost in my own fallacies and suspect to my own destruction, yet I have hope for betterment for I see God on the horizon and I pray for His mercy. I understand that what I reap is what I will sow, and my actions will lead me far or near salvation.

We are all human beings whom bleed red, and seek happiness in life. All united under the banner of an unknown existence and infinity. I am but an atom in the grand design of the universe, so it is, indeed, a humbling experience being a human in this life I share.

My name is Parambir Singh Bhinder