Let there be dreams that do not die upon waking,

Let there be sunshine when the world seems oh so cold,

Let there be love when one seems to be nothing but numb,

Let there be tears when surrender drops me to my knees,

Let there be rays of hope for those whose homes are wrought by despair,

Let there be peace in those souls not yet amended,

Let there be a delicate balance between creation and destruction,

Let there be awareness in-light of your giving,

Let there be no shadows of doubt in the midst of fear,

Let there only be You in me, and lose me in You.

Let there be a yearning to learn anew,

Let me be a child in your arms again,

Protect everyone and everything for Yours is all there is,

Let there be a vision of acceptance and gratitude,

You have given and you continue to give,

I am not begging but merely praying at Your door of all doors,

In silence you speak and I feign to hear,

but You are my only and through others you speak.

This peasant needs no direction or coercion,

no miracle or anecdote,

Just You.