Who I am will always be.
My surface – waves of thought,
hardly reflecting the core of eternal peace beneath.

I am willing to experience
the blood, grief, desolation, humiliation…
the joy, acceptance, respect, honor, and dignity
of living in a temporary human capsule.

I have been endowed a vessel in which to navigate.
A captain of my own sail.
Winds of thoughts guide my trail,
They soar from foreign lands.
There presence not chaotic but rather conscious.
They breathe with a vibrancy of unity and purpose,
warmly embracing the vessel yet touching the soul.

Different drifts, none right or wrong, conflict.
Resulting ripples interfere in violent waves stalling direction,
Only the most persistent current catches sail.

This captain is not alone for he is part
of the wind, boat, sail, and sea.

The treacherous voyage spans vast distances.
The direction may be up to the captain, but the seas?
Only in the hands of the divine.

A universal folding of dimensions dictate reality,
none is true yet none is false for all simply is.

The journey is long and pointless when the captain sees separation.
When he feels alone and believes in corruption,
He stops feeling the wind as his own and the boat as a physical extension of his
He becomes blind to the consciousness which unites all as one.

He may awake from this reverie to find himself sinking,
and the  waters boiling with rage.
However, the surface of attachment is weak.
Consciousness shall return him,
when he is ripe to learn and reflect the true nature of the journey.

We don’t sail to arrive; we sail to unite.
We don’t need to look for distant shores,
for they will pull us further seaward.
Pure thoughts set sails toward contentment and fulfillment.

When the ship shall eventually sink to the sea, the soul shall merge,
Into the infinite and peaceful core of the True self.
All will recycle and revive the conscious breath of a cosmic existence,
unknown to a three-pound brain with limited senses.

I am a man whose sails will drift in the direction of
honesty, loyalty, friendship, compassion, love, and unity
respect, honor, humility, purity, and content.

I shall sink with my captain, boat, and air from the winds
in my lungs propelling me into another transition –
Neither more true nor explainable.

To fancy the core of the ocean in stillness is wisdom.
I will have to shift my sails to change my course.
Unfolding a destiny toward a deeper understanding of one and less self.

I am going to feel the wind on my skin,
The sun in my eyes,
and the joy of the crew.
I will listen of their tales to expand the consciousness that guides me,
I will see everything as a symbol of growth and genesis rather than object.
Everything in an infinite motion of potential vibration.
My frequency will merge to that of the contained consciousness within all matter.
I will unite with the wind to elevate my sails from the sea to the sky.

Within me is the whole – uninterrupted and tuned to the universe.
The static is caused by my ignorance to acknowledge –
immortality through the present moment.
How immortal are the moments captured in fullness,
without judgment as they should be.

A grand secret of the universe is revealed through its unfolding in the physical realm
for physical happenings are only representatives of thought vibration.
One must realign the antennas toward a greater frequency of love and oneness to fully feel the vibration of God in all.

I am in gratitude to this life and all it shall bring,
Through the realization of God who abides within all energy.
A soup of potential energy so grand that it gives power to the greatest engines of insight.
Enliven your dreams and see them become a vision of fruition.

I love everyone no matter the pain.
I judge nothing or no one.
I have no opinion for I am what is and nothing more.
I can react to any situation with awareness.
Nothing disrupts or distracts the core of our being.
IT is the consciousness of the wind, water, and fire
Energy through movement and life is just an expression of God’s lever pulling consciousness like a string through beats of expansion and compression.
Nothing here is permanent so why take it seriously.
Hate nothing more than that of self loathing,
Strangle hate with love.
Strangle all emotions by bringing awareness to their rise.
Emotions are nothing more than chemical addictions,
You tell your body what to do through faith in God which controls the universal laws of acceptance.
Be here forever and forget about the worries that plague you.
God will sustain if you do your best in the moment to embody life through your action.
Fight your cells, emotions, and neurotransmitters. No one can stop the illusion or reaction but you with the grace or kirpa of God.

Seek stillness within and see God everywhere without
Nothing is different at the core of God’s quantum illusion of life.