The future is an unforeseen stirring pot of potential. Everything we do in the present affects the outcome of the future in major and minor ways. We often brush aside the impact we make in our own lives as well as the impact we make on those around us. All too often we believe that we are powerless both within and without.

Liberating the soul from the haze of corrupted habitual behavior is vital to manifesting a positive future. For centuries, men and women have knelt at the sacred altar of religion for inspiration and guidance. Spirituality was born not only in the fear of mortal death, but for reasons much more important. Religion provided a means for humans to build a belief that was unwavering to guide the mind down the right path without doubt. A belief that was so concentrated on the divine that anything became possible and everything a possibility. It gave hope and faith to men who could not run from duality and doubt.

Every living soul is draped in bone, flesh, and skin which binds us to the physical realm of the five senses. All that exists within our dimension is experienced through the senses, and filtered through a powerful three pound machine called the brain. Electrical signals rivaling those on a stormy night ignite by the billions in the brain sending impulses through the body. Essentially humans are bound not only by the physical but also by chemicals known as neurotransmitters that correspond to emotion, feeling, and thought.

I was talking to a friend once about the elusive state of happiness, and the misconceived notion that its attainment is a spiritual goal. He looked at me with empathy, and said that the whole purpose of spirituality and life was to attain happiness amidst any condition. I smiled. However, lets stop and analyze this for a moment. Happiness is born in the chemical state of the mind just as any other chemical emotion distributed by the human brain in response to stimulus. Hence, a man who has come to know his eternal soul knows the worth of emotion in a physical setting bound by time and space. Without the body, emotions wither but the soul does not. Thus emotions are temporary just as the template of the body. No emotion is eternal yet all are forever fleeting past the mind in waves of chaos.

Happiness will always have an opposite counter – sorrow. Neither can survive without the need for the dual state of the other. Just as good is counteracted by evil, so every emotion has a dual nature. Such as a coin, there are always two sides. Eliminating the coin of duality enables the human spirit to vibrate at the frequency of the eternal. That is the real goal.

We are just habitual addicts of the chemicals our mind releases, and we attach the ego to make them that much more powerful and consuming.