We plan for those special events by counting down the days as they inch closer to fruition. We obsess about them in dreams and idle reveries during routine duties. We contemplate the potential pleasure or fear that will result from events yet brought forth into reality. The name has come to be known as fantasy; a fanciful mental image, typically one on which a person dwells at length or repeatedly and which reflects their conscious or unconscious wishes. Although we are watching the mental film, we did not pay for its exhibit or wait in line for its viewing. We merely created the screen, the theater, the audience, the emotions, the actors, and the plot. Essentially we created a parallel universe of reality which exists beyond the parameters of time and space.

How can we question the powers of the human mind when we stop to contemplate its daily dwindlings. These fantasies, reveries, day dreams, and mental films are miracles endowed by universal consciousness. These thoughts not only dictate our actions, but  who we are as human beings. Without spiritual support we lose our connection with the pure and crystalline nature of Godliness while falling into the murky depths of flailing thoughts and frivolous desires. We tend to lose our purpose and just float through life without a deeper seeded sense of Being. Essentially, we melt into the nurturing soil of the Earth as toxic waste disrupting the cycle of life.