Speak less

Destroy arrogance and ego

Complement people on genuine attributes

Smile at the sky, people, conflicts, drama, and life

Be at peace and see God’s script behind all that happens

Do not be shy of who I am, but be firm with my purpose

Remain at peace in the moment and acknowledge thoughts of unease without reacting.

Accept and surrender

Forgive the ego’s of men

Listen with the intent to feel empathy

Never criticize or condemn another man

Recite the 5 daily banis . Live like the Gurus

Everyone I meet is a superior; have humility

Live as though my death awaits me the next day

Whenever the mind reverts to procrastination defeat it.

Do not put up barriers or judgements on any human being

Criticism only has an impact on my false ego, not my being.

Become aware of the mind’s chatter and distance myself  from it

Do not speak with the purpose to persuade, but instead to connect

Those things that annoy me, make it a spiritual practice to accept

Whenever pessimism beckons forth, kick it out with the force of optimism and positive thinking.

Do not curse or spew hate

My physical form is an illusion, extract thyself from within

Do not react to a situation that angers me, but instead stay strong and composed

Whenever anger comes forth, acknowledge the feeling and convert it to awareness

Stop myself before thinking or uttering a word that will harm or injure another.

Live a healthy and balanced life with mediation, yoga, jogging, and exercise

Remember the miracle of my existence every instant and be grateful to God

Do not slander, ridicule, or diminish those whom are not present

Life is one day shorter each day the sunsets, just remember.

Be the person people want to rely on and seek peace.

Do not let the mind pass judgement of another.

Express my love with everything as One

I am at peace and at ease

I am not my thoughts

I am my Being

I am

This is my personal mantra to live by each and every moment of every day. I created this to change the paradigm of my thinking and set my focus and energy in a positive direction. It is my life’s compass to assist me down the path of my destined purpose by God’s will. I believe that everyone should make such a mission statement and abide by it until it becomes a habit for the rest of your life. Just as you follow the laws of the land, you must follow the laws of your personal success in order to fulfill your purpose with no regret.