Ek Onkar ( One God, One Truth)

   There are times the skies are gray and hope seems so distant a reality. Darkness lurks in the mind and mist blinds the shutters of perception. Looking outside the world seems so fake and lost. Nowhere can one escape once the mind turns to stone and the world to ash. Imprisoned within we are lost forever to ourselves.

          However, just as the great Phoenix rises out of ash and flame so does the human spirit and soul. In the most inopportune times, self realization is met and an awakening occurs to rid oneself of attachment. Only when the falsehood of self is lifted can one truly enjoy the peace, beauty, and immortal of life. The mortal life becomes a gift, and death an intrinsic passage into a new element of space unbound by time. Freedom from physical and mind.

           Life at this moment is grace. I am seated within myself. I have realized that I have no control outside myself, thus in God’s will I resume down the path laid in my destiny. What shall come will come, but at the present moment I am at peace. Fear, anxiety, doubt, and ego have fleeted in this moment as I reflect upon the beauty of life and those who I have been blessed to share this life with. 

         Over the mountains and down the deep valleys I see God. By the peaceful shores of the sea, and over the genocide laden deserts of Darfur I see God. Walking down the free streets of America, and down the volatile streets of a war torn Iraq I see God. In the eyes of those whom I love, and in the eyes of those who have betrayed and wronged me I see God. His plan may not be understood on this physical plane of suffering and happiness, but even within the finest grain of life resides the beautiful presence of the Creator. The One who created the universe and embedded the energy for all to function.

          Unity is the repetitive motif of all creation, but unfortunately many have become blinded by the single aspect of a self centered life while dismissing the overall mosaic that forms together to create a simple but compelling truth – One God. Ek Onkar