I was unsure of picking up a nine hundred page novel with the holiday vacation coming to an end soon. I would have to invest a vast amount of time reading if I were to finish before university started. However, I started and finished a happy man. The novel was one of the best I have ever read in a long while, but let it be known it was “unique” in every way possible beginning with vulgarity and ending with human closure.

I would not recommend this book to everyone. Like I said before, the vulgarity was strong and the scenes a little too vivid. However, past the vulgar insights into Dominick’s life was a blanket of true human trial with despair and anguish. The lack of censorship ensured a more real feel to the plot. The hidden spew of toxic ash which is emitted within every human being was thoroughly exposed. The anger, resent, envy, selfishness, ego, and pity all malignantly cast together to form a man of negative thoughts and actions. One who cannot control outbursts for the tempest within is becoming too strong to keep inward and hidden.

We are all sinners is not just a line created by some superfluous ancient mouth, but a blunt reality. The sins which we all carry every single day of our lives accumulate and then suffocate the soul in the worldly arena of life. The mind continues to bubble up old memories, recreated, from the depths of our subconscious minds. The new memories spark old emotions and hinder both spiritual and physical growth. We become trapped in memories remade through the looking glass of our own subjectivity, so we wither. Like a play re-scripted in the mind, we watch helplessly as spectators. During the day, actors and actions as fake as a dream evoke emotions from the past  which sprout outwardly to become who we are. Those who depend strongly on the mental illusions shown before us in the midst of the day in a daze, die many times a day. The thoughts we harbor and acknowledge as our own leek out into the character we become.

To liberate oneself from self-destruction and yield positive circumstances is to remain rightfully in the present moment and avoid all contact with the decietful past. It is there, but we must bring closure and see past the theatrics. I wish to live not with the past but with the present, while acknowledging that what happened then so happened. Forgiving was the vital key to Wally Lamb’s novel. Learning to renovate the mind after decades of resent is to allow the universe to open and welcome new oppurtunity.