The time has almost come to end another year, and celebrate the coming of a new beginning. Change is now on the minds of men who are writing endless resolutions and goals. The future is bringing the unknown to the forefront so the preparations have begun brewing. Mental images are replacing the present reality with a future filled with more promise and purpose. Soon enough expectations are born and with them the inevitable ascent of anxiety, frustration, and resent.

A man who cannot change this very moment will not be aided by the falling confetti of a new year. The psychological time work of the mind is a continuous stream of thoughts that never end, and can only be stopped by the whims of self-discipline. Sure some people may muster enough energy to change and improve the following day, but chances are that habits will inhibit change from becoming permanent. There is nothing wrong with writing a list, but when that list begins to breed excessive guilt it may end up hurting one’s self esteem instead of improving it.

The moment to become a better person, lose weight, work harder, get better grades, or improve relations is always in the present moment and not a second later. The only time we are actually alive and living is in the present exact moment so why look elsewhere for a miracle. The miracle is the life we live in the moment.

I will enjoy myself this new year but I will make no list of wondrous feats to tackle for when the time is right they shall happen. Goals are important but idealism is fatal. Motivation and inner desire are the fuel that ignite action in the moment, but habits are the logs that keep the fire burning forever. If one wants to lose weight, less intake of calories and more exercise will have to become involuntary components of the day such as breathing and digesting are in the body. When the time is right and the energy is present the doors will open for change if one is aware of them, but if one is oblivious, complacent, or lazy those doors will have never even appeared to exist.

I wish everyone a happy new year and hope all their hopes, aspirations, and goals come true. However, for the more faint of heart such as myself I will continue working on change every moment of my existence whether it falls on January first or not.