The semester is finally over and I could not be happier. I finished strong in every single class. All the hard work I put into university finally paid off. The investment involved tedious labor entrenched by stress, fatigue, and frustration but it was worth every ounce. There is no greater reward than that of intrinsic happiness. I feel proud and ecstatic within after my first semester. I have also made my parents proud and that means the world to me. Any smile, small or big, I can bring on their faces is a joy unlike any other.

       Chemistry along with Physics has always been my greatest fear, but this time instead of running from the challenge I accepted it. I put in long hours and tested my conceptual understanding many times over, and it resulted in me achieving the top grades in each of my classes. My Bio teacher also wants me to be a certified tutor for her course which is a great honor. The Chemistry lab final was perhaps the hardest and ugliest test I have ever seen in my life. I was told by students that took the class last year that a B was inevitable, but I did not let that get in my way, I ended with an A. Grades are equivalent to the highest of praises in university and they build a confidence when work is done and then rewarded. 

        I look forward to my continuing journey in the medical field as my confidence grows and my intellect broadens. However, for the next month during the holidays I am just going to relax and forget about it all. I need my rest, and time to enjoy with the people I love the most. Going home has never felt better, it has been a long while but I am glad I came and conquered at least the first semester.