It has been a very long week for me as finals are already here. I am in the final throws of exams and the worst is finally over with the culmination of a seventy question Chemistry final. The end is somewhat near but still not close enough for comfort. I have an English final tomorrow and a psychology final the following day. The only grade I received back was in Biology and I got an A+ in that class. One big love of mine is biology, because I actually do enjoy it with an intense passion. However, chemistry not so much. I have never been a staunch fan of doing math and analyzing the intrinsic yet seemingly invisible matter of the universe. Although interesting, it is a mouthful of terminology, concept, and math. 

              My sister and I went to the library at about eight after dinner, and stayed there until seven in the morning. I was consuming Chemistry last night as if I was in a pie eating contest on the verge of throwing up. The material was raw quantum, thermo, periodic, and bonding chemistry. It was dense and I unfortunately got the brunt of procrastination in my face last night. My first Redbull propelled me throughout the night and into the anxiety filled morning. Hours shed like minutes and before I could even notice the sun was coming out. The final was worth a staggering fifty percent of my total grade, and I could not get that distraught tune out of my head. Soon enough the test was in front of me as five proctors sprawled the room with their eyes to make sure there was no cheating. I was suprisingly relaxed and finished within an hour although we were given two. I know I made some dumb mistakes here and there, but I would really be pissed off if my solid A falls to a B. I am hoping that I will keep my A for I was pretty confident after the test. I cannot believe that I managed to pull off an all nighter of chemistry without going insane.

           The great thing about finals almost coming to an end is going home. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed, eat my mom’s cooking, talk to my dad, visit with my grandpa, joke around with my sisters, hang out with my friends, drive through town, eat ice cream, catchup, wake up to a full fridge, and have laundry that doesn’t smell even after washing it. Although I have only been in college for a semester, it seems as if an eternity has passed. The life I led before my departure seems so distant a memory. Oh well, the name of the game is life and those who win it accept all of the challenges with a smile. Back to studying I go.