Avil Alh nUru aupwieAw, kudriq ky sB bMdy ]

“First God created the Light; by His power he created all people equal.”

eyk nUr qy sBu jgu aupijAw, kaun Bly ko mMdy ]1]

From One Light came the entire universe. So who is good, and who is bad? ||1||

logw Brim n BUlhu BweI ]

“O people, in doubt wander not, my brothers,”

Kwilku Klk Klk mih Kwilku pUir rihE sRb TWeI ]1] rhwau ]

“Creation in Creator, and Creator in Creation, Totally filled in all places. ||1||Pause||”

mwtI eyk Anyk BWiq kir swjI swjnhwrY ]

“The clay is the same, but various ways by the Fashioner.”

nw kCu poc mwtI ky BWfy nw kCu poc kuMBwrY ]2]

“Nothing is wrong with the pot of clay – nothing is wrong with the Potter. ||2||”

sB mih scw eyko soeI iqs kw kIAw sBu kCu hoeI ]

“The One True Lord abides in all; by His making, everything is made.”

hukmu pCwnY su eyko jwnY bMdw khIAY soeI ]3]

“Whoever realizes the Hukam of His Command, knows the One Lord. He alone is said to be the Lord’s slave. ||3||”

Alhu AlKu n jweI liKAw guir guVu dInw mITw ]

“God is unseen; He cannot be seen. The Guru has blessed me with this sweet molasses.

kih kbIr myrI sMkw nwsI srb inrMjnu fITw ]4]3]

“Says Kabeer, my anxiety and fear have been taken away; I see the Immaculate Lord pervading everywhere. ||4||3||”

This is truly a gorgeous shabad song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, one of the greatest punjabi singers of all time. Bhagat Kabir Ji composed the hymns, and they are presented in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Guru Nanak Dev Ji realized the most fundamental religious universal truth of all, God is in everything and within everyone. His presence and sweet nectar is found everywhere. We are all endowed with the light of God, so who is to say that one is right or wrong. We are God’s men and women. What a powerful message.

You can feel the powerful gravitational pull of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing from the heart. I was moved when I heard this shabad by him. He came to a gurdwara to pay his respect to a great message of peace and love by the Guru Granth Sahib. There is no Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jew, or Muslim because we are all one in the same. No barrier exists in the creation of such immaculate love and beauty.

Everyday I find a new jewel in the vast mounds of Sikhism’s infinite treasure chest. This video and the symbolism it brings of Muslims and Sikhs coming together to praise God in peace really brings a settling reason to hope. Enjoy the video; there are two more parts that are on youtube.