Life is unfair in many ways to many souls. No matter how good one tries to become, the world is still a very cold and contentious place. People morph into duality carrying faces that beckon more than two different sides. Everyone is doing their best to deceive each other and get ahead. The cliche that the world is a dog eat dog place is no lie as it sums up society as we know it to be. No one waits to help someone up when they fall for that becomes their time to quickly run ahead. The falling man becomes vulnerable and desperately alone, but within this time of despair a thick coat begins to grow. Indifference and numbness begin to severe life as one becomes slowly a stone. Other people are blocked from coming into our lives, and alone we wither away. Every friend, acquaintance, and person becomes suspicious as the world grows wary in our eyes. Adaptation to the environment allows survival in primitive beings as well as in humans. Evolution of adapting to harsher environments ensures that only the strongest survive and flourish. The same is true for life as we must evolve into stronger beings in order to adapt to any situation or environment, because if we do not mold ourselves we slowly begin to die within.

This whole week has been a harsh downward spiral in my life as I have been deceived and betrayed. I felt alone at one point, and I could not resist those strong feelings. However, I have come out of this whole situation a much stronger person. Every single experience in life is a lesson learned. My goals are high, my expectations many, my aspirations infinite, my heart open, my mind growing, and my soul still intact. I have everything I need within to succeed. Life will surely continue to hurl many thorns and obstacles in my path. I will be challenged, stopped, and tried at every step of the way in all my endeavors; spiritual, academic, and personal. If life were easy, I guess it would not be worth all the struggle.

My family has been a strong and enduring pillar throughout my many trials and tribulations. My peers are also always there to cheer me up when I am down, but family has its own special place. Speaking to my parents is a great gift from God as I see them every night appear on my computer screen. My mother is a deep sea of comfort within my life, and she is always there to share a good laugh or sad moment. I can shed a tear and a smile with my mom during any time of the day. She is always there for me. Her eyes speak a million words and there is no need to say anymore. She reads me before I speak, and knows my insides when they sink. On the other hand, my father is the type of man that commands respect with his graceful and calm temperament. He listens with an open mind and lays out ways to reach my goals without being sidetracked by the insignificant attributes of life. His words propel me towards the finish line in order to pursue my goals. He has been through many rough challenges throughout his own life and he is constantly there to remind me that I can do it. Struggle is a right of passage in a successful life and my dad and mom are a true testament to that. I am uplifted every night I see them by my side although I am thousands of miles away.

My older sister also guides me as a mentor who has been through the many rigors I now endure. She recalls growing up and going through college and all the ups and downs it entailed. I confide with her my heart and soul. We may fight and degrade one another more than an Obama-Clinton debate, but she is always there for me through thick and thin. Her rhetoric is strong and her stance unwavering. Her strong morals have kept us on the right track. For living the relatively few years she has lived, she has seen a lot. She has always been the warrior creating paths through the rough although the easier alternative was always near. A source of continuing inspiration and motivation for me to be driven by passion and ethic. Never does she blink an eye when the time comes to drop her own life down to help another. A strong willed woman, I really look up to.

The other night I was able to talk to my aunt and cousin from Canada over Skype, and memories of my childhood came flooding back. My massi has a strong presence and always instills lessons within me that she has learned throughout her own life. I have the utmost respect for her intelligence and grace unto which she speaks such inspirational words. She is a soldier and always has been in life, and I see her in no other light than that of another mother of mine. I miss those good old days when I used to sit in their car after a party, and rant to my uncle and massi about my future goals in life. They could have said calm down kid, life is not as easy as you assume. However, my massi always told me not only that I could, but that I would. I would sit next to her on her waterbed for hours before she went to sleep talking away the minutes. She has always listened and been there to support me. She taught me that there are no limits. I have learned from her that life is not easy and it will most probably never be, but the most important thing is to be true to yourself. One of the strongest women I have ever known in my life without an ounce of doubt. I love my massi and I was so glad to see her a night ago. Distance disappeared as she appeared on my computer screen. I felt I was home.

My Nana, grandpa, is my best friend and almost like my highly respected elder brother. We talk for countless hours about the things that matter most in life. We can stroll together through the orchard while walking the dogs and allow silence to exist. There has never existed an awkward moment with my Nana. Over the years our bond has grown immense, and his constant encouragement and inspiring presence has uplifted me into a positive mindset hard to break. I have learned that age and time is a mere illusion, because every time I look into my Nana’s eyes I see a passionate young man speaking. The wrinkles all fade away and a best friend emerges only slightly older than me, but one who is a lot more wise. I love him so much and the gift of him being in my life is incomparable to any amount of money available in the world. He is priceless and the time I share with my Nana is the special time in life that is infinite.

I have truly been blessed by having so many great people to guide me in this life. It is nothing short of a miracle in itself. I have witnessed the world’s many colors and the dark tones of many fellow beings, and so I constantly remind myself that I have nothing to complain about, but instead only things to cherish.

Next time I tell myself that life is not fair, I will stop and think for a long moment or two. I will remember that I am breathing, and that my legs and arms still work. My mind is able of thinking logically and processing many complex tasks. I will remember all the great people God has blessed me with in this temporary life, and I will stop dead in my tracks. I cannot help but feel ashamed at that moment. I have been given too much in this life, and all I ask for now is happiness in everyone’s life because they have done so much to bring happiness in my own. I would never hesitate for even a slight moment to take all the sorrows of theirs and make them mine. I am indebted for all of eternity for all God and those I love have done for me. I have now forgot why I ever felt that life was unfair.

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.”
— Dennis Wholey

Life is not fair; get used to it. Bill Gates

“Adapt or Die!”
– Andrew Grove (Founder of Intel)

“Life is tough. Life is tougher if you’re stupid.”
– John Wayne

Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.
– Author: Don Wilder

Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work. It doesn’t come before.
– Author: Shelby Steele

Unfortunately this earth is not. . . a fairy-land, but a struggle for life, perfectly natural and therefore extremely harsh.
– Author: Martin Bormann