Today I found a site which allowed me to legally download must every single audio recording of Sant Giani Maskeen Ji ever. I downloaded a little over two gigabytes of Maskeen Ji’s katha, and on my itunes it is calculated that I have about six days of continuous katha from Maskeen Ji. This site is a treasure of Sikh knowledge on the internet. Maskeen Ji was a jewel to the Sikh faith and his teachings and understanding of both the Sikh lifestyle and discipline are extremely deep. I have learned a lot by listening to Maskeen Ji who spoke fluent Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Farsi. He was a devout and pious man, and I know that his soul is now at peace with God. I wish these lectures were translated into English for the younger Sikhs and those not originally from Punjab. The site where you can download the katha is,