SGU monument

I am a little frustrated, embittered, and angered today over the news that I will be on the island of Grenada for the next six years. I knew that the premed program was three years long, and then medical school would be another two years on the island and two more in the US for clinical rotations. However, today I come to find out that medical school is really three years on the island. That means one more year that I will be on an island in the middle of nowhere. It comes as a surprise when this becomes life.

I am only one semester into my long and strenuous venture, and adding one more year is a little much. I will get over it, but it is still extremely annoying. This whole time I was thinking that this program was a shortcut to some aspect, but it turns out that it is the same length as a US medical school system. Money is another problem, because an education in the Caribbean is very pricey. It is not cheap. This is a huge burden for my parents to handle.

One whole year more of studying, stressing, and so on. I am flustered, and more so shocked at the lack of transperancy here at this institution. Who knows maybe I just did not do my homework when I decided to come here for medical school. Oh well, life goes on. I have to start studying for an in class psych essay, English essay, chemistry quiz, and so forth. I better start liking this a lot more than I do right now.