President Obama

Barack Obama is the president elect of the United States of America. He has shattered many glass walls, and has turned the page to a new transitional chapter in American history. The world will never be the same as wounds are beginning to heal with the power of hope, acceptance, and time. Color disappeared as a charismatic man captured the hearts of millions invoking hope as well as goosebumps with his powerful rhetoric. His message was neither liberal nor conservative, because it was American. The message to change the status quo of incompetence in Washington DC and place the power once again in the people.

Obama won comfortably on election night with the determined will of his supporters. Everyone who has ever followed politics had some sort of attachment with Barack Obama in this election. He had a real quality of likability and appeal. A change that was not only eloquently embedded in speeches, but also in the way in which he carried his composure and content throughout the election. Regressing to mudslinging was a rare occurrence, and that made all the difference in the eyes of the voters. Obama was not an aristocratic elite squandering the people with an air of arrogance. Instead he was real. He could be your neighbor, friend, coworker, or friend. People could relate and see a human instead of a politician.

The victory speech was moving and inspiring with an urgency to march ahead. Although I disagreed with Obama on many issues, I was proud to be an American that night. The euphoria throughout the world was apparent during the victory of Obama as change finally beckoned its light above the horizon.

Barack Obama is going to take over the reigns of the world very soon as president of the United States of America. As the world leans toward a deepening recession and the war against terrorism continues waging on, Obama becomes the last hope for change. The burden on Obama is unimaginable with the whole world watching his every move. The media shall turn against its rising star as ratings demand critique. The euphoria will soon dwindle as the ugly issues begin surfacing after an inspirational election. The DOW sank close to five hundred points the day after the election. Vladmier Putin warned that Russia may place weapons towards the European union. Pakistan’s president warned of encroachment by the US as a tactic that will not be tolerated. Karzi in Afghanistan made it clear that civilian deaths will no longer be hushed. General Petreaus speaks of the numerous challenges facing the war against terror and the transition of presidents. The list of problems America faces in these dire times are astonishing. All eyes are on Obama for he can either become the hero of American history or the biggest bag of rhetorical air.

As the graffiti slowly fell down to the stage amidst victory, so did the burden on Obama’s shoulders. He has become the last beacon of potential mending. His actions will be magnified in the worst inheritance deal in history. He has won the responsibility of taking care of a very ill America on the verge of collapse. He has the ability to pilot the nosedive out of disaster. No one knows what the next four years will entail but there is little question about the enormous toxic mess left by the Bush administration. I hope for the best and pray that in these pivotal times America finds comfort and strong leadership under the command of President Barack Obama.