This whole weekend entitled nothing more than sheer studying. The pages scathed my mind as every line in the text magically transformed in my anxious mind into a potential multiple choice question. The words came alive together to form the biological fundamentals of genetics. The observed and scientifically proven odds of our existence were unearthed this weekend through the long chapters of my biology textbook.

The mind tries its best to steer off course and surface the trivial for purposes of distraction, but this time I prevailed. Breaks to eat, go to the bathroom, and socialize with my roommate for short moments of time symbolized the last couple of days. The material was dense and grasping all the concept plus the mathematical probabilities was, to say the least, a frustrating ordeal.

The genetics quiz is on Wednesday, so I am in relatively good shape. Procrastination didn’t seem to get the better part of me this time. However, I still have a psychology research case study to put together in a book and PowerPoint. The Psych presentation is on Tuesday. Also the following day on Wednesday I have a Gen Chem quiz on quantum energy. I do feel a little drained at this point; however, this is my purpose in life and boy has it is a ton of hard work. No pain no gain is no cliche in the world in which I live.

My father being a physician, really makes me proud of how intelligent and hardworking my father is. After going through a little taste of what he went through, I can say that I have a lot more respect for his career and all the work it took for him to get there. When I reach medical school after premed, I will really understand what he went through. Until then, I can only guess and be proud to have such an intelligent father who has always been so humble.