There is a cliff behind the library on campus where the ocean comes alive and the sky paints amazing sunsets. I sat there today with my feet dangling off the edge of the cliff as I just looked out toward the sunset. The light breeze whispered into my ears while it brushed a cool cover over me in the warm presence of a declining Caribbean sun. The sun’s powerful rays were just beginning to dip deep beneath the Earth’s visible horizon. The waves seemed to kiss the bottom of my feet as they bombarded the bottom of the cliff with an increasing rhythmic frequency. I was merged with the transient sea as my eyes and senses were immersed in its energetic vibrancy. The light’s reflection on the water created a powerful shimmer in the sea, as though the ocean’s surface was beaded with millions of diamonds enchanting man to hope. There is peace on the cliff as I sit in utter awe and amazement knowing for certain that all I know is nothing at all. I escape and forget about everything for some time. 

 The clouds transform into strong strokes of colorful paint in the presence of a glowing canvas background. Like a painter desperately trying to satisfy his critics, the sky puts on magnificent exhibits wooing the eyes of all who meet its pure wrath. Every second during the sunset, the changing hues of the sky soothe the sea in cool tones until the sea finally darkens to sheer coal in the dark stillness of the night. The unbelievable painting is soon stolen by time as the sun must attend elsewhere, leaving me stranded in the darkness – alone on a cliff.