I have been infatuated by gold investment opportunities since I was a very young boy. I fell in love with the lustrous precious metal as soon as my mother showed me an ounce of gold she had to bought to make jewelry. My love for gold began as soon as I set my eyes on it. The golden tint of the metal’s malleable surface engulfed me for years to come. I began to avidly watch gold prices dip in the late 90s and proposed to invest with my parent’s help. My first business pitch was a complete disaster as my father cited the gold price collapse of the eighties and its unstable value. However, I pleaded that it was the cheapest price in years. The exact price I used to prove my point was $280 dollars. I felt it was a bargain, but I had no investment money and was silenced by the forces that be.

Any adults who would lend me their ears were driven close to insanity by my obsessive gold investing propositions. I was visiting my aunt in Canada that year. Due to my crazy antics and excessive passion on gold trade, my aunt, who is extremely generous, surprised me with a gold chain and a gold pendent of Guru Nanak. My grandma bought me a gold chain as I focused my efforts to persuade my dad’s side of the family too. It fueled my thirst to one day successfully invest in gold. My goal of persuasion was obviously not to receive gifts of empathy, but to encourage investment and great return for my family. I advertised my strong investment opinion around my neck  with one too many gold chains. My father would not invest in gold, and he thought my gold obsession was overboard and unwarranted.

Ten years later, I feel frustrated that my efforts and lobbying skills were not up to par. Gold rose three times the value of that in the late 90s during my proposals. It peaked at $1000 dollars per ounce and now sits comfortably in the arena of about $730 dollars. People please take note that sometimes kids are not as crazy as you think. I went as far as trying to gather enough party money to buy an ounce of gold bullion, but I did not know where I could locally buy it. I was a young boy and my resources were limited and my Internet knowledge minimal. My mother told me that she would give me a gold ounce of hers, but that was not satisfying for I wanted a real investment from my parents. I wanted my father to invest thousands so the profit would be that much greater.

Looking at the numbers, I can say that I was a financial wizard at the age of 13. If my father were to have bought a single one kilo bar of bullion gold (32 ounces) during that time he would have paid about $8,600 dollars. He could have sold that very gold kilo bar for $32,000 during the gold peak or for $23,000 dollars today. The only problem with gold investing is the vast amount of liquid capital needed to invest. One needs a lot of cash to convert paper currency into gold. However, the money that gold returns in the future of inevitable cyclic economic unrest makes it a perfect investment. It becomes a beacon of stability in times of turmoil and economic unrest. For centuries, civilizations have secured their strength and wealth in the precious commodity of gold. In retrospect, I am sure my father would agree that it would have been a much better investment than putting money into the stock market. However, life goes on and one cannot win on every turn.

With the American economy weathering harsh times and the world teetering on a global economic recession, gold is most probably going to rise in value. People distrust currency in times of turbulence. The price may reach well over a thousand dollars in the near future, but speculation now is just too risky as liquid capital is scarce. The current price leaves a small margin for profit, and the potential for gold prices to decrease may cause a loss of monetary value for decades to come. As the economy spirals downwards new opportunities will lead capitalism to find money elsewhere like in alternative energy. Money is still to be made, but a lot could have been minted during the slump in gold prices.

I have promised myself that I will never invest a penny in the stock market as long as I live. I will either invest in real estate, a personal business, or gold when the time is right. Investment opportunities are forever present in a rapidly changing financial world, and gaining the insight to make the right moves at the right times can make life a lot easier and more comfortable in the long run. My income as a physician will rest in secure but fluctuating asset management portfolios. I will deposit my extra cash in gold assets instead of the banking system. Gold collection is a personal fad of mine, and I would love to fill up a vault with gold bullion. It also makes one’s wealth transfer easier to the next generation without the invasion of tax. Hopefully gold prices will not dip when the time comes to build a house, office, send my kids to college, pay for their weddings, or buy a prospective property. The risk of monetary investments only lies in a dependence of increased profit to maintain high living. If one can maintain a lifestyle properly without depending on intended investment return than no risk exists at all. Fluctuating assets are better than stagnant interest rates building money at a snail’s pace. If I had the money today I would buy commercial properties in the midst of recession, rental units during a time of foreclosure, and gold during prosperous times. I wish I had a billion dollar portfolio for investment, but I am sure I will one day by working hard.