The free capitalistic market of America is trying to break free of Uncle Sam’s fatal grasp. Continually America has been trying to water-board the financial systems into compliance with gigantic bailouts worthy of worry. Although it has helped to further delay an inevitable collapse, the system is still desperately trying to reach equilibrium in the midst of many wobbly crises. The reaction must take place as collapse and failure may have to occur before recovery. The markets are much like Darwin’s theory of survival and natural selection as the faulty corporations fall prey to bankruptcy and ruin while profitable business prospers. The lenders were careless when handing out money like a monopoly game gone wrong, so they should bear the brunt – not the taxpayer.

                  Once again Washington DC works for the lobbyists who help win our votes for their own benefit, profit, and utilization. We are a herd of sheep mindlessly wandering from politically bought shepherd to shepherd hoping for a miracle of change. When people were losing millions of homes throughout America the US government sat idle and unshaken. However when the big money billionaires find trouble due to their own mischief, America runs to their rescue with a grand blank check. It is time for the American people to demand their country back from the elected aristocracy gone wild. Marie Antoinette once proclaimed to the French people during an economical collapse, “Let them eat cake!” Soon after she met her fate. 

           Revolution is obviously not the answer or the solution for our coming troubles, but for the aristocracy to get too comfortable in Washington DC is a complacency which may cost them more than their power once the American people awake and demand justice. I am fed up with the politics of fear for the power comes from the people in a democracy and our voices must be heard.