Sometimes one feels the impact of just falling without a due course. Down a dark spiral of nothing. The pressure of gravity fighting past the air against the surface. The cold and pungent air acting as a buffer between complete impunity. Like a horrifying indoor roller coaster the smell of a lamenting circulation creates a snare, and reeks of superficial facilities. Falling in a bottomless abyss while fighting to stay horizontal in infinite space; one falls for seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. The bottom ever so near.

The hollow tube is nothing more than imaginary. The components of its existence merely alive in my own instability. A faint resonance of dripping water below signals an inevitable transition of state. Physics inhibiting my escape, I continue free falling.

Freedom is relative to my imprisonment. Each second becoming a sheer struggle in the complacent darkness of black. I feel the air I breathe suffocating me as I surrender. Hitting a terminal velocity, my speed steers constant. A new reality of unease is born. When I shall splatter against the bottom I will soon know; until then I fear.