“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryun 

         As laziness and procrastination begin invading the mind, both have a tendency to systematically destroy the fortress of motivation. Like a dangerous and malignant tumor procrastination begins exponentially multiplying lethargic spurts of negativity. Pessimism and the thought of doing “it” tomorrow fuel the untamed growth of such a fatal epidemic within. It is easier to lay in bed, in front of the TV, or the computer and just passively succumb to such inviting dangers. The mind becomes a vicious dictator enslaving our thoughts and imprisoning our actions. This unsuspecting trojan horse lures the mind into complacency and surrender. A defeat of the mind and its motivation ensues to pillage our energy to be.

         Habit and routine are the deterrents and defenders of such attack. We must transform our intangible feelings of motivation into the physical form of habit. Exercise to release endorphins, meditate to relax, study to achieve, and socialize to decompress. Start this very moment – be happy. Create a schedule and follow it. The first seven times are the hardest, but then it becomes a habit. In turn, the habit crystallizes into a solid diamond of beauty and strength – unable to be broken. Determine your fate through your actions and not your thoughts. Do not live a slave to your constantly wavering mind, but instead mold your mind to fit a life deserving of happiness and self-content. The battles are constant, but subside with the self-determined might to fight. One must seek the infinite and omnipresent hand of God for then victory shall be sure, and defeat impossible.   

“Man Jeetai Jagjeet”  (Conquer Your Mind & Conquer the World)