America is doomed. Both men are lobbyist loving politicians, and to make matters worse neither of them have the faintest idea on how to deal with the economic crisis. The best bet is with Obama because McCain once again showed tonight that he is desperate and wrong on about every issue except less spending. He proposes and promises enormous help and relief without explaining how he is going to fund the whole venture without higher taxes. The American markets have been manipulated by the private Federal Reserve, and the Americans will pay the price with a nearing and inevitable depression.

Obama is an American hero who will break many barriers on his acendance towards the White House, and it is inspiring being an American right now. However, the lack of government transperancy and the increasing corruption in America are leading to gloomy times ahead. We need answers and unfortunately we will not get the answers from the paid politicians in Washington DC. They both raised billions of dollars from somewhere and it is not the American working class.

Barrack Obama is the only way, because McCain’s vice president is a frightening joke. No more war, lies, and deciet we need political change. The scarciest change may be enough to spark independent Americans to do something great for our nation and raise it out of its coming misery.