Unfortunately, this election has turned into a boxing match instead of a civil presidential campaign for the White House. These punches have primarily been coming from the McCain team as they are now the underdogs employing any tactic possible against Obama’s growing national poll numbers. I have a very hard time believing that the rally was not staged by McCain with a bunch of angry and racist supporters. What is the chance that all those politically incorrect statements with no truth behind them are said weeks prior to the election by so many individuals in the crowd? I do not believe it and many Americans feel the same, because it has backfired on Senator McCain and his campaign. Negativity has always been used in moderation in every election, but when a candidate goes too far and tries to act too clever, the American people dont like it.

Tonight, the debate is going to be on domestic issues like the economy. This is Obama’s strong point whether this has any factual basis is another question. On the contrary, McCain has been trying to dodge the economy and the crisis as much as possible during the whole election. I believe this is going to be the underdog’s last attempt to snatch the steak from his opponent. there are going to be low punches and jabs, but nothing Obama will not be able to counter. McCain tried acting too sly during the last election with prolonged amounts of attacks which turned off moderate voters.


Tonight should seal the deal for Obama unless the “Bradley Effect” deceives us all on election day God forbid. Although, neither candidate knows enough about the sinking economy to save it, at least one of the candidates understands that more war will not solve it. I belong to the constituency of California which is already painted blue for the democrats. Hopefully the other states residents will be persuaded onto Obama’s side tonight. Cynically, once again I find myself voting for the better of two evil due to their massive lobbyist connections. We need a libertarian to really change things up, but now I am being idealistic. Until tonight and the debate, goodbye for now.