I am a little embittered due to Apple’s pernicious timing to reveal its new Macbook lineup. I just bought my Macbook Pro for college about three months ago. I paid a high price for its valuable service and could not be happier, because the Macbook Pro has been and still is the best in the field of laptops. The ultimate luxury jetliner of all mobile computing and creativity to say the least. However, the new change comes amidst the Christmas season. I bought my Pro a few months ago brand new for a high sticker price, and no later than a month or so I am typing on a museum relic. The constant change and performance of Apple in all its products creates an uncertainity and unstability within the consumer who is faced with high prices and the inevitable change of model and service. 

     The new Macbook Pro is a little faster and more compact with a better graphics card which is great. On the contrary, it looks like an enlarged Ipod Touch, and the black keys take away from the overall slick silver look. I still believe the previous model which I currently own wins the distinct character award. I am still an Apple addict now and will probably continue to be, but I just think that models need to last a little longer than six months before being replaced by stronger models. That is my technology rant for the day, but one thing is certain; I will never buy a PC.