America has changed drastically in the last few decades but it still remains divided on the issue of race, and McCain is taking full advantage of it. His rallies seem staged with angry racist supporters and get wide coverage on the mainstream media. This creates an atmosphere of tension, doubt, and conspiracy in the eyes of some wary independents. Videos on youtube are now drawing worrisome assumptions that Obama is an inexperienced Muslim terrorist who is planting dangerous cells in America. Palin’s rallies have been fuming with hateful and venomous remarks as some supporters yelled out, traitor, kill him, and die. This is the America that never fully recovered from the landmark civil rights era in the 60s. We live in a country of historical assassinations during pivotal and divided times. When McCain propagates hate as he has been doing it opens a frightening invitation of attack from the far fringes of society. 

       Political pundits as well as the Obama campaign are keeping in mind the “Bradley Effect” which may play a dynamic role in the loss of an election. The polls may not be indicating the real sentiments of the American people as some doubt and innate racism inch their way into the ballot box come November. Lets face it some people cannot accept change and progression no matter what. The Bradley effect accounted for the defeat of an African American mayor in Los Angeles after he was ahead by a large margin. The inherit discrimination and racism in his constituency lead to his loss the night of the election. Barrack Obama should only have to worry about his policies for bettering America, but unfortunately his campaign cannot be too confident due to his race.