The media is no longer providing the American people with the complete truth regarding the financial crisis. The mainstream media is a business, and an even greater corporation directly correlated to the health of the market thus an inherit bias will obviously exist. Keep in mind that NBC is owned by General Electric, ABC by Disney, and CNN and FOX by other very wealthy companies and powerful men. The truth behind the impeding crisis will surely cause collateral damage to the richest in the world, hence hindering the truth and objectivity of the media. We have all heard about the statistic that ninety-eight percent of the world’s wealth is owned by less than one percent of the men in the world. This is an unsettling and truly disturbing reality in the world in which we live.

The dollar is no longer linked to the gold reserve, and it is now nothing more than the paper it is printed on. Since 1923 the US dollar’s value has dropped to only four cents of its relative value since that period. The decline of the US dollar has led to higher gas prices and inflation. The dramatic rise of gold prices after the bailout and the DOW’s plunge symbolized the relationship between a weak dollar and inflation. The weakening and spineless dollar paints a grim picture of a banking and economic system without a foundation. Lou Dobbs has become so sickened by the congress’s inability to act rationally that he called for its impeachment on his show on CNN. The Congressional committee on monetary policy and fiscal regulation have failed America, but they cannot be solely blamed because America has lost all its transparency.

The Federal Reserve has been prominent in the US economy after its controversial instillation in 1923. Many Americans know very little about how it functions or what the Federal Reserve actually is. For starters, the Federal Reserve is a private organization with a little tie to government audits, regulation, and intervention. Essentially it is above the law and above review and criticism. It is run by the world’s richest bank owners who are mostly unknown to both the public and the federal government. The president, the supreme court, nor the congress understand the economic undertakings that are calculated by the secret meetings held by the Federal Reserve. Alan Greenspan was a man who prided himself in believing that the US dollar could only be safe as long as it was on the gold standard, but after he was initiated into the Federal Reserve that changed.

The Federal Reserve upholds its arrogance and secrecy in our democracy because our elected leaders know very little about how the economy and how it functions. Just as we blindly handed Iraq over to Rumsfield, we have blindly handed over the fate of our economy to the richest men in the world to save Wall Street instead of Main Street. AIG, Leighman Brothers, and other giant banking institutions were saved by Bernanke Paulson. The American citizens were sold another lie that if it was not passed we would be in the largest depression of our time. We saved the richest men in the world by printing off 700 billion dollars of inflation, and we dont even know where it is all going. I think there is a problem with that.

Senators and Congressman in the Legislative branch of government were bullied and pressured to pass the Bill by lobbyist groups invading both houses from the dark shadows of the Federal Reserve. There is no transparency in our economy or government anymore, and as our dollar begins to unravel so shall our banks and hence our economy. No one can save us from the elite who are sucking the blood right out of America. We have been robbed and our lifestyles will soon be pillaged, as the richest men in the world survive with golden parachutes. We are the slaves of our banking institution, and the power for them to manipulate the world is evident. This is a feudal system with the kings living and dictating on top, and the surfs on the bottom paying taxes and being drained by a system with no escape due to debt.

The government and the elected representatives in all branches have no control over the money being issued in America. They have been bought by special interest groups. Ever wonder why billionaires like Warren Buffet pay less tax than their secretaries? Legislative loopholes are the answer and buying Congressmen and Presidents is the way they do it. Billions of dollars are needed to run for office, and only a man with great connections and loyalties can receive that amount of support from the extremely wealthy. Hence, the process is no longer free and democratic but on the contrary restricted and controlled. The organizations that watch election spending and accounting are superficial and deceptive. Money buys power, and power buys money.

The US dollar is no longer an American asset anymore than it is a receipt for our enslavement. We are bound by our debt introduced by a market based on credit, essentially uncle Sam threatens our obedience with a noose around our necks. The IRS is the police state brigade which is allowed to raid our homes and audit our labor without a concrete American law defining its existence. The patriot act allows the government to tap our calls and imprison us without due process or trial. Elections give Americans a fake taste of freedom by giving us a vote susceptible to the overturn by the electoral college or the supreme court. The Americans voted for Gore but got Bush. Is this the freedom and democracy the founding fathers sought?

Supreme Court judges are appointed by the President and his beneficiary advisers, and they chose elections, presidents, and liberty. Same goes for the Federal Reserve head Greenspan and Bernanke, we never got to vote or scrutinize them. Presidential candidates like Mike Gravel, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kuccinich who speak out against lobbyist stronghold agendas in Washington and demand America’s liberty are ousted by the media, and nudged out of the process. The media jokes about their legitimacy during elections, and ignores them during debates. Front runners are chosen by the media and given insurmountable free air time on the networks, so they essentially chose who America will support. Influential media has the power a month before an election to change the headlines and derail a presidential hopeful’s entire campaign by pounding their lives and records. The media uses polls which reflect no truth whatsoever to shift America’s political tide. One man once said that there is a damn lie, and then there is statistics. We must wake up and demand our country back from corruption.

The reason people have yet to stand up and demand justice is because they have been given a superficial life imposed and bounded by debt. We “have,” not own, nice cars, decent jobs, and have a great standard of living. However, when this system fails and chaos ensues we will all forget about leisure and just try to survive.

Congressman, Louis T McFadden, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency from 1920–31, accused the Federal Reserve of deliberately causing the Great Depression.

Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government board, has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us for our hospitality by undermining our American institutions…The people have a valid claim against the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks

We are the modern day surfs, and the false illusion of our leisurely lifestyles is soon coming to an end. We borrowed and spent without thinking of saving. We were handed out huge loans we could not even afford by these gigantic and immune banks to upgrade into lavish homes. Our SUVs were hurting as gasoline prices were soaring while the war against terrorism was only draining our national resources. We were buying new Mercedes and plasma TVs with credit and equity that never even existed during a bubble created by the Federal Reserve. It was a golden age of speculation and leisure. The empire’s shining years before collapse. We were believing that America was invincible and the democratic government would save the people if the time ever came. Boy were we all so wrong, Wall Street was saved and Main Street was burned to the ground by our elected representatives.

Some may believe that there is hope and optimism in light of a new presidency and most probably Obama. Unfortunately, the truth is that things will not just change in light of a new president, especially when that new agent of “change” received the largest contribution of money from Freddie and Mae in the election. These men and women seeking office are not strong enough to change the system of the elite. Henry Ford once said that if the American people could understand the American banking system, he was sure that there would be a revolution the very next day. The super rich men raise the politicians to the presidential level, and the amount of money it takes to run for an election should be a true testament to that. The system has been stolen, and the people of America are too blind and ignorant to understand that these times are no longer about Democrat or Republican distractions. Greater powers have emerged in the light of corporate and monetary corruption run rampant by the blind eye of congress in neglect of temporary prosperous and frivolous times. The life we lead is soon about to crumble, and the Congress is already planning on the floor of both houses for the implementation of martial law. The implications are real, and the harbingers are not false alarms. The US currency is just paper floating down to its rapid demise in an economy so bloated and robbed by the forces of great influence and wealth. Brace yourselves for Hell. The joke is over, optimism is dead, and reality is soon about to hit as the world teeters near the greatest depression ever. I now understand that the America of yesterday has been done with, and the America of tomorrow is going to be ugly. I sleep with cynicism, worry, anguish, frustration, and confusion tonight as I fare the world as I knew it goodbye.