Sure gas prices are too expensive in today’s volatile market, because fossil fuels are finite and limited, but I am not taking about gasoline. I am taking about my mental stamina meter almost hitting the empty mark. I am tired. The mind and body need sleep, proper nutrition, and relaxation to relieve the body of stress and recycle energy to continue functioning. However, when those vital necessities of the mind become depleted, the body begins to wear down and eventually comes to a halt. Midterm week has really worn me out, and I can say that my mental stamina is much greater than my physical. It blows my mind to imagine all the information that I had to soak into my mind this week in order to succed. Some nights with little sleep, most days without too  much time to refuel and eat suffienctly, and absolutely no time to relax with all the pressures of doing good on my mind. It is like driving a car with the Empty tank warning light on, and wondering when the car is suddenly going to give up and stop. The same happens when operating a body on an empty brain mechanically yearning to slow down, stop, and recover. I have one last Psychology midterm tomorrow, and the warning light is definitely on as sleep lures me near my bed. As I go to study some more tonight, I tiresomely say to myself, “Lord, I am almost outta gas!”