Joe Biden did a great job for the Obama campaign by answering the questions and stating the facts in a strong but appropriate manner. He was alert, smart, and circumstantially aggressive. However, Palin refused to answer questions, points, and issues. She blatantly made it clear that she would not answer neither Biden nor the moderator on questions that she deemed unimportant (she had no answer to). Whatever she could recall from cramming, she repeated over and over again. She made it seem like a bad thing that Biden had foreign policy experience, somehow reassuring Americans that she was new to the scene. I believe that to be worrisome. The moderator, who was under pressure from the media, moderated the debate horribly. She held neither candidate to stick with the questions being asked. Palin was even more horrific, and at times the remarks she made where comical in the context of a presidential hopeful. The debate had no cohesion, and it only showed that Palin is not ready to be president.

Joe Biden hit the nail on the head tonight, but could have held Palin more responsible for her comments on the national podium. I am sure the political pundits will do that for him come tomorrow morning. Hats off to Joe Biden, and shame on Sarah Palin for accepting the nomination.