The failure to pass the biggest bailout in modern day history has left the world markets in shambles this Monday. Politics has, indeed, taken over the Capitol with blame being thrown around liberally before an election. The DOW Jones Industrial dropped 777 points today which is the biggest single day drop in two decades. Some economists are worried that the government intervention will only make the problem worse by introducing a temporary band aid that will explode as inflation rises. Others warn that failure to pass the bailout will cause the crippling of the whole worlds’ capital markets, and this was expressed by Warren Buffet. We have become a country of borrowing and no saving, importing and less exporting, while being more dependent than independent. Call this globalization if you will, but I see this as a hazardous pill to the immunity of the world’s largest capitalistic market.

At this very point in history I feel America is more vulnerable that it has ever been. We are in a war against a nation without any merit. We are funding the war through China, a nation building the world’s greatest army and economy. We are in the biggest economic meltdown in history, and the world seems to be teetering on the verge depression along with the US. A depression may be rearing its dark clouds over a once prosperous country, and the recent sharp downturn may just be the first of of many harbingers yet to come. If a world collapse does ensue, it is not irrational or insane to imagine that America may not come out on top this time around. Every action has a reaction; hence too many bad actions cause a whole lot of bad reactions. The consequences of our failed and often irresponsible egocentric way of dealing with problems may just lead this great civilization into a darker time.

This is not the end of hope by any means, but it should be a wake up call to all those who feel that America is invincible to collapse or failure. In the future, the American ego of being the best may just be an empty echo in the long unwritten chapters of history that overconfidence and neglect of a nation and its people often spirals a nation to its end. Therefore, as citizens, we must be critical of the system and continually appeal for its reform and adopt policies that may not be the most favorable at times, because of the lobbyist strong hold on Washington. The American people must remind their representatives in all branches of government that the United States’s constitution outlines a government run by the people for the people, and not by the rich for the rich. The old cliche that Main street is more important than Wall Street is understated, and loses its power and effect to inflated campaign promises. This country was made to ensure that all of its citizens were allowed to lead a life with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the forefront of freedom. My intutition tells me that the United States of America will overcome the dire obstacles ahead, but praying for recovery without any failure or downslide may be just that – a prayer.