The debate between Palin and Biden is going to be a historic debate which may just eclipse the presidential debate. Joe Biden has a long history of telling it how it is without being too politically savvy. On the other hand, Palin has shown through her interviews on national television that she does not have a clue about domestic or foreign policy. She sounded worse on CBS than a junior high student running for student body office.

I believe Joe Biden may just get ahead of himself and come off as rude and condescending. The last thing he should do is help Palin’s sympathy rating by being brutal to her on the issues. No matter what the political advisers tell Biden he will do what he pleases and that may just include rude comments, inappropriate remarks, and sly smirks. He has a ton of experience and that will surely come through as well. This may be a gift in disguise for the Republicans.

However, Palin is a joke. I am sorry but there is no other way to put it. She does not have the faintest of a clue on how to speak on the issues. On Catie’s show during an interview, Palin suggested that her close proximity with Russia and Canada qualified her foreign diplomacy experience. She totally muddled up a question regarding the 700 billion dollar bailout on Wall Street by giving an answer that was completely elementary and had nothing to do with the question. It was an embarrassment watching her on both national interviews after her smearing speech during the Republican National Convention. Palin was the biggest mistake the Republicans could make when choosing a VP. I am sure she will prepare for the debate with Biden as much as possible to ensure that she does not embarrass the McCain campaign any further. As a voter I cannot find myself voting for McCain with this woman just one 72 year old’s heartbeat away from president.

The debate will be interesting and most probably very aggressive. Biden must try with all his might to try and resist coming off to the American people as a snob, because he knows much more than Sarah Palin. I think Sarah Palin will come crammed with information that has been crammed down her throat by advisers and will surely gaffe somewhere along the line. The media will catch it and run with it. She can either redeem herself or make a fool out of her self once again and this time bury the GOP’s attempt to make it to the oval office. I am looking forward to a contentious debate which will hopefully show America that Palin is not ready to be president. It is a question of urgency and security in the interest of an unstable union, and all emotions and political bias must be put aside when assessing the debate come this thursday.