Well I just woke up about twenty minutes ago and decided to check out some websites like CNN to see what the political pundits were saying about the debate last night. However, the unfortunate death of a celebrity took up most of the news. I thought that Barrack Obama and John McCain were both fairly aggressive and had their moments of punget low blows and mudslinging, and the anger in McCain’s grin and stature was apparent throughout the night. They both were trying to show the American people that their individual policy was the best; however, I felt that McCain came off a bit too condescending by interjecting every so often that Obama was naive on foreign policy issues. I do not think McCain should be the one calling anyone naive, because some of his previous comments have been nowhere near knowledgeable like blowing up Iran or staying in Iraq for a hundred years.

                   I am a political addict of both Punjab and the United States with continued interest in Sikh political progression in Canada also. However, we do not have a TV or any cable in our dorm suite so I had to watch the debate on the live stream from the CNN website. I swear the screen would freeze at the most pivotal points in the debate, and would never do so during the “boring” parts, and this created a bit of technological frustration on my behalf. The race is getting close and each of them is trying to destroy and distort the other’s image as much as possible to make a long lasting effect before the election. Essentially McCain is a war and Bush loving Republican, and Obama is a naive and unpatriotic person in the political arena (they think he might just be Muslim, Barrack Hussein Obama). I find that hard to digest and too unfair because there are no facts to make that point.

                The election is coming near and I am pretty excited that America is trekking down a new policy path soon because it is needed. I was a John McCain man early in this election, but as the economy continues to spiral, the war in Iraq continues to be mishandled, and the world seems to need a new leader, I dont believe he is the man. He has anger issues, does not listen to others, finds criticism hard to swallow, believes we are winning in Iraq, thinks the fundamentals of the economy are still right, and compared a laptop to a lap-dance. Sure he is for less spending and taxes, but I do not see it being a realistic proposal with a war to fund and an even bigger fund to give to the Wall Street banks. I am not even going to start on Palin.

        With the election aside for a moment, I watched a documentary on Iraq last night that I highly recommend others to watch as well. No End in Sight was a provocative invitation into the sheer mishandling of post war Iraq when it had so many opportunities to be resolved quick. After the toppling of Saddam’s regime, the people were pro America and hope was brewing in the country, but no plan was made by the Americans. Rumsfeild was deaf to the whole military world, while Bush gave him all the power to handle post war Iraq. The movie is frustrating to watch as an American while idiots like Bremer were trying to instill peace by laying off the entire Iraq army who now had no income source, and the US army was told not to instill marshal law so chaos soon ensued as militias were soon created to ensure the people’s own safety similar to gang loyalty. The plan was to topple the regime and put in a pro American government and then just leave. We are in a fizzling disaster that the media does not report. I am offended when all the media covers are topics that hike ratings and not understanding. Iraq is a problem and will forever be.

               Americas’ policies have embittered the people to hate America for all the devastation it has caused. America is occupying and utterly destroying a country by no other merit than a sheer lie of our president’s administration. We pull out we are in trouble, we stay we are in trouble. Saddam was a bastard, but he was America’s bastard.

The issues of the world become complicated and extremely intricate when issues like religion, culture, history, and countries become divided by power mongers, men with seemingly infinite power in the world. The most powerful country becomes the “right” country and all those against it become problematic and painted as unpatriotic or a threat. The powerful country is allowed to pillage, kill, destroy, and massacre another country based on the claim of bringing justice, and those who object and turn to fighting are called terrorists. Bush lead America into Iraq under false pretenses and information by linking Saddam to Alqueda, WMDs, and terrorism. None of these existed. The people were lied to, and the whole world watched America’s imperialistic aggression. We overthrew a country and created sheer lawlessness. People looted the whole country in two months, stolen industrial forklifts lifted valuable items straight out of the Iraq world history museum as the troops watched with orders not to interfere. Bombs fell on innocent people labeled terrorists in the eyes of the powerful and the always righteous America. There is no law and no order in the immediate months following the invasion. Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds do not like each other. The Iraq army has been disbanded and laid off by the US, 70 huge weapon warehouses with bombs and weapons are being looted, and the US army only protects some select places including the oil reservoirs. This is the perfect recipe for a civil war that is now ensuing, and America picks its battles between groups that are killing themselves. Soon after, America begins picking up Muslim youth in the middle of the night, imprisoning and torturing thousands, killing innocent people at checkpoints, instills a corrupt and often murderous Iraqi national police, and bombs entire cities.

           There is going to be embitterment and hatred in the eyes of Iraqis because America has essentially began a civil war and created chaos in a country now suffering from militias created by people trying to stay safe from each other and America. There are no jobs, infrastructure, or help. These people resort to violence hence the label insurgency is born. The, media worried about not straying to far from the mainstream, keeps the footage and commentary so objective that it resonates with propaganda. Almost a million civilians have died in Iraq, and that is truly a genocide or shall I say real “terrorism.” Watching this movie changed my opinion for voting for McCain towards Obama who seeks diplomacy and a change. He has proved that he can listen to others unlike dogmatic people like Rumsfeild and in general the Bush administration.

Midterms are coming up in a little over a week so I have to begin preparing myself for them. So I am going to start studying with all this frustration above me, and this frustration will go directly into my vote for Barrack Obama. The Republicans and Democrats have both let down this country but there is no doubt that Bush has not helped the state of the union but instead has devastated it. He will be held high in the halls of history as one of the worst presidents that led America to its decline, whether a short or permanent one, history will only tell.