Today, many people believe that the world is black and white standing firm on a strong foundation of unequivocal scientific evidence. Science proves that life is a complex organization of interacting entities, and over time organisms have evolved to instinctively survive in any given environment. The human being miraculously developed a brain with capacities above all the rest. Humans have an intelligent conscious that differentiates right from wrong, hence instilling morals and ethics unlike other primitive species. Humans also see the past and the future as streaming mental images, and most of the time humans tend to live in either the past or the future. The past often paints a mosaic of memories and experiences that creates a wide divide between the present moment and the past. On the other hand, the continual foresight into the future fuels an anxiety of what could happen “if” that or this happens. We are separated from other species, because we do not constantly place our alert conscious in the present moment of time but rather we continuously fluctuate from different time warps simulated in the mind. Most people are rarely fully in the now, here, and present because their minds are too busy recreating the past or creating an unknown future.

For many science still deals the last and often fatal blow to faith, God, and the intangible abstract. The intangible feelings of love, anger, lust, envy, sympathy, and so on cannot be poured into a flask and tested in the lab. Surely there is a counter to this stance by the focused and often narrow-minded scientific individuals, and they would state that certain signals bind to receptors in the brain to signal certain chemical reactions that produce specific feelings. Sure this is true and observable in physiology when dealing with pharmacology and its effects, however the feelings themselves are something much greater and more apparent than any squirt of chemicals across a synapse. We are more than a myriad of physical reactions for we are beings innately gifted to question our existence. Why are we preoccupied by the notion of death, salvation, the universe, and so forth? Why are we predisposed to question our happiness in life in relation to our expectations that we created in our foresight into the future?

Feelings and emotions aside, sleep opens a new window of perception naturally beckoning us to a new reality where the laws of physics no longer apply. We meet people who have already passed, fuse through life and death, find ourselves immersed in unknown places, see new people and experience new events – we are real. We fear death in our dreams, and still seek worldly pleasure and acceptance. We are still completely human, but now it is our own play instead of the uncontrollable one outside our own bodies. In our dreams our senses trick us by seeming tangible; our perception is manifested as our own reality every night. Dreams may be dismissed as nothing at all, or seen as a message to think and feel beyond what we believe to be black and white. We are liberated when we close our eyes and wander to a new place without laws, regulations, society, customs, and time. Something is mystical about the whole experience as it unfolds, and in course we believe it to be so real in our dreams. We are alive and trapped in them. We “awake” to sometimes recall them in the middle of the night as sweat drenches our bodies after a terrifying incident in nothing more than a dream. After a minute or two of thinking and rationalizing after we wake, we tell ourselves that it was only a dream and we move on. We forget about the unknown world we left behind as a figment of our imagination.

However, when we wake in this new reality bound by laws, people, customs, faces, and places is it not rational to ask ourselves if this is just a fake illusion of our mind too? Is our soul sheepishly taking a physical form to test our might, morals, and faith in a world so greatly projected as a mirage of maya that we lose the essence of what our universal and infinite existence really is. This cosmic array of placing a soul in a capsule covered by flesh and bone may just be an utter illusion lasting less than a nanosecond in the grand framework of the universe. The life we lead of paying bills, taxes, raising families, and functioning in a fraudulent society based on paper currency cannot be the real backbone of what it means to be human. The fallacies and aspirations of man cannot just be a starch reminder that creation is just a pile of atoms organized into a complex form to merely evolve and survive. We are but a spec of microscopic dust in the vast complex of the universe, and for a spec of dust to have such an immense ego is the greatest fallacy of mankind.

Wake up and live above the illusion and recognize that our purpose here is to lead a truthful and righteous life above all. The physical capsule of every body shall wilt with time, and when this occurs the truth will be attained as the soul is truly awakened when it is released from illusion. I do not see life as a competition to be better than the rest or prove religious ideologies, but instead I see life as a constant force of negative entropy trying to destroy the orderly arrangement of truth and oneness in my mind. My mind is constantly being attacked by negativity (attachment, anger, lust, greed, ego, and doubt) which only widens the gap between myself and the truth.

As man wakes from dreaming in the morning, he should realize that this world in which he believes he is now “awake” and “aware” is just as big as a lie as the dream he awoke from. The laws of gravity may keep us from flying, and the skin covering our soul may keep others out, but the soul that illuminates within is the only real remnant present in the illusion known as life. We are living in a projected mirage where nothing is real, but only the intangible and unbelievable energy of God. For the Almighty is the projection, the blood, the body, the senses, and the soul. Sleeping is a lodestone to self discovery. We become humble and selfless as the world and body we call our own dissolves into a mere canvas of color and form. The vibrancy and movement of such power is only harrnassed in the uncomprehensible limitless Lord. I pray to Him to keep me alert and awake in the present moment while dismissing all the rest as attachment and ego.