There is a majestic whisper in the waves as they crash onto the shore relentlessly fleeting forth toward land. The gentle breeze brings with it a faint aroma of the vastness of the sea spanning the linear horizon. The mystery of the sea unfolds as it meets the sandy beach inviting man to seek solitude and content while basking in the presence of the unknown depth of life. Every person dreams of waking in front of the ocean and seeing it struggle through the seasons as they pass, because it is one of the last fronts on Earth unscathed by man’s invasive tentacles.

Last night there was an unbelievable showcase of nature’s raw power and beauty over the darkness of the sea. As the sun sank below the horizon of the ocean, all light ceased to exist allowing one to be emerged in the quiet darkness of space – alone. I was utterly sucked into the black hole of oneness with the quick pace of society and life slowly fading away far behind me. I stood immersed; listening with an ease to the soothing tranquility of the waves awakening my senses within. The serene tone and stillness lead me passively to the gates of surrender. I was alone and content.

Suddenly the darkness vanished for a sheer second as the clouds above lit up over the still sea. Although the lightning only harnessed its power for less than a second, the clouds took on a milky red color as they lit the sea beneath. I was awestruck by the mighty burst of light in the midst of a lonely dark night. The stars seemed to visit Earth in a ray of surging energy as the lightening ripped through the sky. My eyes widened in surprise as I witnessed the unpredictability of nature’s power and elegance. No expensive manmade firework finale could compare to the brilliance of nature’s own show over the infinite expanse of the sea. No sound of thunder met my anticipating ears as the mighty lights scattered over the far horizon. There was no remnant of thunder as the lightning lit the sky like random bombs chaotically exploding in the clouds overhead. It was an outward experience leading to an inward surge of selflessness within.

God is the power manifested in every ounce of energy in the universe following Newton’s law that energy can niether be created nor destroyed. He has been true from the beginning and shall be true for eternity. The energy carried in every atom, and in every electron revolving around the nucleus of life is bond by the mighty attraction of the Almighty. We are all but silhouttes floating in a maya projected movie known as life, the only truth lying in our inner soul immersed in the light of Waheguru. Do not listen to the Shabad of the Guru passively in routine, rather listen intently with all your being and instill every word in each cell of your body. Become a movement of positive energy symbolizing the elegance and power of truth, and like the lightining in the dark still of the night, light the world in which you live. The light is found nowhere but within.