Life is giving and always remembering, while taking and always forgetting. Life is splashing water all over the place making some happy and some plain furious. Life is putting on a helmet and anticipating that at any moment the sky above you is going to fall while racing down the street at a 100 miles per hour. Life is relaxing on the beach on a nice summer day when out of nowhere a tsunami hits the shore. Life is being all happy and invincible one day and down in meek darkness the next. It is such a simple thing that is composed of many intricate and complicated big and little things. People say it is important to be positive, but even when your drowning in despair? Life is littered with ideologues claiming to have the solution for ultimate bliss and happiness, but then just finding out that they are depressed money laundering hypocrites. Life is waking in the morning with dreams and sleeping with grief. It has been a journey to remember this life, but what is to come after… just boggles my existence.

I want to hold firm the hand of time and stability. I want to savor each second but then why does my mind drown in boredom if I sit idle for more than a moment. I want to be happy for the rest of my life but find it so hard to pinch sadness out. I look for the negative but I promise myself and others that it is vital to be positive. Those who lie and cover their sins make my blood boil, yet the sins that lie within myself overflow my conscious with guilt. Why must I show my weakness?

Life is paradox. Life is up and Down. Life is being popular yet so alone. Life is running with no end. Life is…this?