Life is a mysterious and majestic experience that lasts all but a few milliseconds in the overall frame of universal time. Life has loomed over the heads of all mortals since the beginning of intellect and has plagued man with unexplainable questions surrounding life and what it entails beyond one’s false facade. Where does one go? Is there really a heaven and hell? Does one regress through reincarnation until salvation is unattained? What lies beyond in the universe billions of light-years away? The answers to all these questions may be impossible for man to answer and far beyond reach, but shouldn’t the real question ask, what lies within each and everyone one of us in the shackled depths of our thoughts and souls?

Sikhism protrays life as a constant conflagration flaring within man, a battle fought in the far reaches of one’s own mind. A gorgeous shabad goes on to illustrate this mortal life as a vicious voyage in a treacherous ocean with no shore in sight, and man is doing his best not to drown as huge waves of anger, lust, greed, attachment, and ego try to bring man down. Sikhism stresses that man needs the name and grace of God, Waheguru, to grasp onto His hand so He can help guide man across the ocean to His divine gates of salvation and ultimate bliss.

I wish to explore, discuss, and uncover some insight into life through the light of Sikhism for myself and the world. God is universal and definitely not exclusive to any one people, race, or religion. The paths to God are many and distinct, but the end destination is one. Compassion, love, service, and humility are all vital universal components to better life through self-reflection. We are all guests with limited time to enjoy, learn, and find ourselves in a virulent world whirling in paradox, lies, hypocrisy, and hatred.