The Republican National Convention looked like a cheap after-party from senior bingo night in the rural South. The stadium was only half packed with supporters, and they all seemed to be over the age of sixty. I had to strain my eyes to see any young adults or anyone that seemed to symbolize anything more than the retirement group escapees or veterans from ancient wars. Where were the Americans whose skin color was not pale white, and by that I mean any minorities other than the three supporters of the Hispanic state senator from California who chewed gum while giving his speech in a squealing yell. The whole get up was a disaster and the disdainful and combative speeches given by all the members of the Republican party could not help much either. While watching the convention I was just thinking to myself, boy the Republicans really do not want to win this election. I truly believe that the GOP has decided to abandon this election and pass the baton over to the Democrats in the downward spiral of America. They may be betting that they will have a better chance by letting the Democrats try and clean up the mess after a disastrous Republican administration and congress. Cleaning up the disaster will not be possible in one term, but blaming the democrats for everything afterward will be the ploy to win the administration back again.

The speeches were absolutely appalling. Rudy Guiliani went as far as to attack the community service that Barrack Obama did in the slums of Chicago. Speaking of elitist attitudes, that sounds pretty low to me. Then the rest of the night sounded like a broken record of alarmist measures: higher taxes, bigger government, hostile business environment, and a losing war plan. Palin came off as woman who built her speech around low jabs and hits. A satirical speech for a Vice President on a platform such as the RNC, to me, is absurd. There was no substance in her speech except the main point that Americans should not vote for Obama. Where was the Republicans plan? It was a night of attacking and no uplifting whatsoever. One of the speakers made a statement that Palin got more votes in Alaska for governor than Biden got while running for president. The low shots came off to me as cheap and self destructive. The Republicans seemed to resemble a crew on a sinking ship cursing their fate and the luck of their opponents.

I was really debating voting for John McCain, because he seemed to be an independent and a maverick, but the RNC really turned me off by excluding me from the main audience. The Republicans better save their money as a party and turn over the ballot to Obama for they have already lost the election, probably per plan. McCain is but a puppet made to feel important as the evident strings above him in GOP move him towards loss. Let the Democrats win so we can play the blame game next time. A strategy that may just work come Obama’s relection bid. Overall a weak night for the RNC, so will just have to see how the McCain handles the night.