Man look through the scope of humility.

Look at the children in sorrow,

praying for just one more tomorrow.

It is in your ability,

to see human nobility.

Look deeply into this splintery mend,

and here you will find a destructive bend.

War is no yarn to tug and pull,

for the pain becomes real and full.

Fathers are forced to bury their sons,

Wives become longing widows,

while children suffer from desolation.

This is the true price and pain of war.

Hence the question goes,

Is such evil tenacity innate in humanity?

The answer becomes vague and unclear,

while the audacity for hope becomes mere propaganda,

in yet another political arena.

Enough is Enough,

Stand up to injustice,

and end the insanity!

Please man show some humility in all this indignity.

Drip but a drop of blood for the unity of humanity

bound to an universal infinity.