This is not an internet picture copied off the college’s website, but instead it is a picture I took from my own digital camera. The university is beautiful and the ocean beckons forth its vastness from every possible angle on campus. This is home for the next five years and I am not complaining, but moving so far from home can be tough at times. Thankfully I am used to it, because I lived alone when I went to UCSD for eight weeks during my sophomore year in high school. The people here are extremely nice, and my roommate is one of the nicest I have ever met. However, it has not been easy for everyone in our suite. One guy is suffering form minor depression, because everything is so different and he has never lived away from home. 

            The curriculum is hefty and the workload enormous. There is no easy way out here, and anything below a “B” grade will land a student on the academic probation list opening up the possibility of dismissal from the institution. Do I have my worries and doubts? Of course I do, but as of right now I am being optimistic and have my head on right for I have my faith and dedication by my side. 

          By the way, the stereotype that Indians become doctors is a fact. The campus is sprawling with Indian people and a select few seem to be Sikh as represented by the kara. With that said, alcohol is the way to escape stress for a ton of people here, and every function is accompanied by a whole lot of beer and liquor. I have refrained from indulging, hence going against the grain but the pressure here is not unbearable, some seem to understand. Anyway school starts tomorrow and with that start a new beginning in which I will embark.

          Life is about to change as I venture out with my dreams and hopes for a future in medicine. I am living my dream here and nothing is going to come in my way. The horizon ahead looks far and dark, but with the light of God within and the perseverance of knowledge above I will be victorious in achieving my goal to help others. 

         One last thing if you ever come to the Caribbean except expensive prices and bad or slow service. Everything is too laid back here. I will keep you all posted on my journey – God Bless. 


Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh