Shame on you Badal and your corrupt political family. The Sikh panth is not a mere puppet and the Akal Takht is not just another political podium from where political agendas are announced. No wait a minute, nowadays it has become just that. The Badal family has high jacked the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs for political purposes, and to be honest no one is shocked anymore. The Sikh sangat is becoming numb to gurdwara politics, and shrug it off as nothing new. It is a disgrace that these “bhandar politicians” who openly display long white beards and bristling silver kirpans can so seamlessly meddle with the very religion they fiegn to follow. They can allow a genocide to occur in Punjab while they are reassured their political seats, and will sit silently as the golden temple is attacked and many killed. How can we trust them? We cannot.


                   I live thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet in California. Every night I do my paath and try to understand the universal scope and vastness of God intertwined in religion. No one can take away my right to learn, understand, and comprehend the majestic and infinite teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib, so I continue trying to live as a Sikh. The happenings in the Takhts and gurdwaras make me distraught and they are the least inspirational aspect of modern day Sikhism. These acts are sucking the blood right out of what Sikhism could be, and that is the saddest reality of the whole situation. Mainstream Sikhism is being jerked and tugged by numerous self-interest factions – political parties, radicals, khalistanis, cults, branches, and so on. Let there be unity of Sikhi and then pursue it in humanity.


                   Vedanti had his faults as the Akal Takht jathedar, and these faults had their foundation in political links then too. He began asking for justice in the 1984 incidents in New York, and other locations. Being a Sikh and not in any way a politician, I have a hard time finding anything wrong with pleas for justice after a devastating genocide. However, our little money sucking politician chors in Punjab feel otherwise, because their buddies over at the RSS and BJP do not like Sikhs demanding justice. Come on, the Sikhs do live in Hindustan so demanding justice and rights is a little far fetched. Then Vedanti decides that strict and stringent action should be taken against the Dera Chief who has killed numerous Sikhs now. Hold on, big Badal does not like the sound of that either, he gets votes from that Dera. It is a powerful sect and friendly diplomacy could mean an election, right? So he tells Vedanti to calm down Sikh sentiments and display his heroism somewhere else. Finally our jathedar of Sikhs in the Golden Temple praises Manmohan Singh for winning the reelection. Now Vedanti has gone too far, because Badal, an Akali, voted against the Prime Minister. How dare Vedanti bite the hand that feeds him. Goodbye. Badal owns the SGPC and now jathedars apparently, so he just hired a new puppet. Now its perfect because everyone is happy especially the central government, the BJP, and our best friends over at the RSS.


                     Sikhism was not meant to be corrupted and slaughtered by its own men. We fought the Mughals and invaders for centuries, but today we have a much more dangerous enemy – our leadership. We will overcome with the kirpa of Waheguru, and in His grace and mercy I trust. Badal shame on you for pretending to be a Sikh.