Although the movie sounded more like an action packed thriller, it was the exact opposite. I am not going to spoil the plot or unravel the events that took place in the true story case which the movie was based on, but I am going to comment on how it made me feel.
              She was a Godly young woman who kept her faith in God, and stood firm in her religious beliefs. How could have God let that happen to Silvia, the young woman? How could people be so evil and insensitive to humanity and the human soul? Why couldn’t this just be another movie instead of a grim reality?
                  Honestly, I have always known that life is not fair, but I also did not know it could be so cruel. Great acting, and a definite stain of the fallacy of mankind. Watch the movie and tell me what you think.

May Silvia rest in peace and justice be served.