Yesterday I spent most of the night throwing out pointless things, and keeping sentimental papers and old awards which brought back tons of memories. I always clear out every corner of my room, and throw everything I have ever owned or kept onto my bed. Then I stop and stare at the huge heap in amazement like rubble from a huge disaster, and wonder why I kept things like cheap little McDonald’s happy meal toys. Then the thought of going through it all hits me and I put my cleaning skills into drive. I feel no remorse throwing away random objects that I once spent a small fortune on, because I am a man of simplicity and sentiment.

My goal was to organize all my papers, items, and awards that I would one day pass on to my children after a decade of education, and obvious marriage. College was about to begin, and my room was soon to become a museum dedicated to who and what I once was. It was really something as I looked back on baby pictures, preschool personality assessments, teacher comments, swimming lesson recommendations, junior high pictures, and the obvious high school year books filled with uplifting and humorous comments by friends. Old essays and poems captured my naive thoughts of my past untainted by the corruption of adolescence, and lacking spelling and grammar beyond belief. Awards signified the great ability of education to reward and inspire students to become someone great with mere certificates stamped with names.

After cleaning my room it always feels as if the room can now breathe and be healthy as I clear its clogged cabinets from a cancerous collection of rubbish. Organizing my life before college also provides me a sense of relief as I venture out to collect new memories and experiences. Knowing that my past will remain safe and old thoughts collected allows me to move on with ease.

Organization is a vital component in living a balanced and healthy life. Organize your thoughts, memories, ideas, and days for life tends to flow easier with a mental and physical plan laid out.

Well my friends will be coming over tonight for a BBQ and I have to run to the store and buy some stuff. I will be baack (Terminator accent).