As a young child summer was all the rage. Boredom took over the mind seldom as imagination and mischief took over the sunny days. Today it is different and more of a ongoing drag to a future filled with promise. I am heading over to Grenada in the Caribbean for medical school directly after high school. I have always wanted to become a doctor finding my deeply rooted passion in my early childhood. It can only help when my parents are Indian, and my father a physician. Sure I am fulfilling a stereotype at least not a negative one.

I have less than two weeks before I move, and have tried to push the inevitable fate of moving so far away from my little comfort zone in the central valley of California far from my thoughts. I understand that compiling all of my worries will just add to my anxiety, and I will probably start to love it after a short while for I do adapt well. However, there is always the thought of failure or something going terribley wrong.

The summer has left me in a state of hibernation beyond that of lethargy. I lose purpose and structure during the summer for the sole reason that I do not have self discipline as far as time goes. Do not get me wrong, I have never sipped a drop of alcohol, smoked a joint, or done anything that would ruin my self respect, image, or morale. Summer begins to wilt one’s respective duties and obligations especially as a student. With age I am beginning to realize that vacation is great in increments to relieve stress, but three months is just too extensive.

Next summer I will definitely take some classes at the local community college or find some work to do. Self discipline is important in all fields of life both academic and personal. I must learn to apply that beyond school and into my life. Starting not next year, but today.