The American people were sold a false war in Iraq by the Bush administration. Propaganda, patriotism, and the utilization of fear were all harnessed together after Sept 11 to form an irresistible urge from both democrats and republicans to march an army on foreign soil to protect the future of freedom and liberty. According to the Bush administration Sadaam Hussein had ties to AlQuida, terrorism, and weapons of mass. Therefore Iraq posed an imminent danger to the entire world during dire times. These false pretenses for war were all found to be false, and now America is more vulnerable and weaker than ever before.

We have invaded, pillaged, and destroyed an entire nation based on false accusations and lies. The Mission Accomplished banner flew high above Bush’s head many years ago, and today American troops continue to die and victory has never seemed so bleak. I am not a Bush basher, or left wing radical. I am simply an observant American citizen worried about the fragile future of our country. There is no party to pledge my allegiance to for they both have failed the people of this country so much. Over four thousand American soldiers have died, and I pray to God not in vain. However, why are we in Iraq right now? It cannot be solely for gas, because it is almost five dollars a gallon. However, it does not take a special government investigation to reveal Halliburton’s large contract in rebuilding Iraq. An old investment of our great vice president, Dick Cheney. Billions of dollars being poured into Iraq are going to weapon companies, government funds, and into the pockets of the rich. The poor die, and the rich indulge. Nothing new in political science or history for that manner. Iran also seems to be getting a little to aggressive, and there is no coincidence that we have over a hundred thousand troops right on Iran’s western border.

The government has its own agenda, and how easily it can sway the American people with lies we have all witnessed in Iraq. The West is an occupier in Iraq, and that is how the local residents, the Iraqis, see the army presence. A largely Christian army based in their nation for no apparent reason other than the liquid assumption that they are there to genuinely help and bring democracy to the people of Iraq. The American military does not disclose the civilian death toll for they learned that lesson in Vietnam. The number is estimated at 400,000 to one million Iraqi civilians dead. Is that almost proportional to a genocide? I am sure the Iraqis believe so when they see entire families in villages accidentally blown up in bombs, raids, and shoot outs. Young men out of rage, anger, and despair are forced to pick up weapons and announce America their enemy. We are raising the next generation of terrorism out of Iraq’s ashes. These people have lived without democracy for centuries, and America will and cannot change that fact. Islam is an extremely independent religion, and its beliefs when attacked open the door for Jihad. They feel oppressed, devastated, saddened, and outraged by America’s forceful presence, and all they see is destruction. Some will stand against it for they see a conspiracy against Islam brewing, and then Jihad becomes a necessity to these simple folks. Americans then die in a vicious circle of revenge and avenge.

The West now understands that Iraq was greatly mishandled and a fraudulent war. How do we leave now? The consequences will forever rattle in our history and future diplomacy with the Middle East and Islam itself. The damage is done and the hate risen hard to dampen even with an inevitable surrender. The war has almost reached a trillion dollars, and God knows how much more in the future. The people of Iraq and more particularly Islam now see the West as an aggressor, and their media does favor that viewpoint too. This creates a deadly toxic atmosphere against the West. Will Terrorism and anti-American sentiments float to the surface when America finally leaves, and the smoke still billows out of a beaten Iraq? The answer is simple, yes.

Michael Scheuer in his book, Imperial Hubris, does a phenomenal job explaining the depth in which the war against terror is an inevitable loss, because terrorism stems from bad diplomacy and hurt sentiment.

Mistakes have consequences, and every action a reaction. The action against Iraq was wrong and fatal, so the reaction will be the same. I fear that America has opened a new chapter in history that includes a huge clash between cultures, religion, and life in the Middle East which may drag America to its demise. The situation between the USA and the charged Middle East may begin resembling the Palestinian – Isreali conflict. In the face of destruction, America may also become a stranger to freedom and democracy in the future as fear begins to dissolve the constitution and a big brother regime emerges to keep us all “safe”. These steps are already evident in the Patriot Act, Guantamano Bay, and the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

We must break our dependence on the Middle East oil, and that will be the only way to get ourselves out of the sinking sand we have thrown ourselves in as a nation led by a devious leader.