We live in a mad world where nothing really makes sense anymore. We live in a world where the majority of a country’s budget goes into creating new ways to kill other people in the form of a military. Somehow the notion that war makes killing, destructing, and devastating other people’s lives tolerable is deplorable and a mental absurdity of mankind. The media controls the flood of objective and true information through bias and agenda. Scientists in labs spend their entire lives creating new biological weapons to wipe out large numbers of fellow human beings guised in the terminology, “enemy.” Politicians clamor to the people with powerful rhetoric and promises filled with the air of deceit and lies. Religious leaders now have to have rigorous security to protect their very lives, as seen in the Pope followed by Swiss army agents in a bulletproof pope mobile. Popular culture and distractions lead the majority of the people away from seeking important truths and answers from government almost reminiscent of the proles from Orwell’s 1984. A man who thinks beyond what is sold becomes a subject of worry. These thinkers are the dangerous ones that the governments of the world fear and dread. People who question authority, and demand answers are dangerous elements to what is supposed to be a subservient herd of a country‘s citizens.

Today’s powerful governments expect us to live the life of sheep being mindlessly herded in circles with a neon sign of capitalism above our heads to lure us from the truth and answers. In essence, the less we think, the more comfortable the establishment which makes up the government as we know it. We go to work, watch TV, and raise a family. Every bill and expense keeps us bond to a life of normalcy for any disruption thereof may land us in the street. Hence, we are economically shackled to a life of stagnation or else. That is the end for most people, because that is how the system keeps its subjects down by killing the need to think. Those who do think are labeled as crazy fanatics and are shunned by major parties and media as far-out freaks, because they are a threat to what is. Why most one be so rich and well-connected to run for president backed by the DNC or RNC which is extremely established in DC. The powerful and rich people want the power to remain in their hands, and the secrets behind all the power to be hidden thereof. We are suppressed subconsciously through distractions like the daily bait we are given: jobs, families, TV, media, lottery, popular culture, and music. Brittany got arrested or Paris Hilton’s new sex tape. However, how many people demand that the Warren Commission be declassified after so many years, or ask why we are in a war with no end or enemy. Orwell described war in his book, 1984, as a clever way for government to keep a sense of patriotic stimulus to the nation, make weapon companies rich, and a way for the government to burn money on things like bombs in order to create a scapegoat for anger to be released against the enemy instead of the nation. Keeping the deficit to instill fear, and dependency on the government.

It is our duty as Americans in a so-called free democracy to stand up and demand the truth everywhere it may be found. One may be called unpatriotic or a fanatic by pursuing the truth, but it does not matter because if not today, it will be too late to fight the oppression which is coming near. A former president once said that fascism will march into this country through the implementation of fear. We must not fear anything or any enemy as much as our own government losing transparency and becoming a more oppressive figure in the near future. It is supposed to be a nation for the people by the people, and I think it is time for the people to ask, stand up, and demand the truth. Lets unite humanity first and then the national unity will come itself. End destruction, death, and despair.