Over the years the American dream has become an overly used cliché which has come to illustrate a beautiful home with a white picket fence overlooking a serene and perfect family neighborhood. The kids playing catch in the front yard while the wife cooks dinner awaiting her successful husband coming home from work. Although this image may seem appealing and luring, for me it is just too picturesque and oversimplified. My American dream magnetized my parents from their homeland, Punjab, to dream and hope for a better tomorrow for themselves and their posterity. The pursuit of happiness and infinite opportunities melted together to form an irresistible and powerful lodestone to a golden land of hope and freedom. My parents left their culture, language, identity, family, and friends behind when they entered a whole new world which was at first cold, bitter, and recluse. A xenophobic welcome was least expected and far from the warm and friendly land they had dreamed of. They sacrificed everything they had ever known for something much greater, and at times unreachable. That something was freedom of religion, political stability, a better lifestyle, unequivocal education, and hope for a more fruitful future. Today I am fortunate to say that I am living out the American dream. I am given a superior education, stroll down the street without being harassed, worship at a Sikh temple without persecution, voice my political opinions without being imprisoned, dream of being a great physician like my father, stand shoulder to shoulder with my peers, walk with dignity and pride, work with honesty, and strive to do better without any restrictions. This country has given my family and I infinite opportunities to strive for the sky, and rightfully live our lives protected under the constitution given the same rights as everyone else. The American dream blossomed forth through the fertile grounds of the constitution and all the liberty this country stands for. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the fundamental basis for all hope and the genesis of the American dream. I am proud to be an American: regardless of my skin color, race, or religion it has sheltered me thus becoming my real home. The American dream is here and it is now, it is fanned by the flames of my own personal ambition and the size of my success and the conflagration that ensues is in my hands. The freedom, liberty, and justice make this all possible. This I believe to be the American dream far from the cliché yet very close to my heart.